Martin Madrigal Guzman


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Considered by international critics as one of the best Mexican guitarists for his great musical sense and his extraordinary interpretive technique. Due to the power of the sound emanated from his guitar, the legendary Cuban musician Leo Brouwer, when hearing to him for the first time, baptized him like “Hands of lead”.

Originally from Torreón, Coahuila. He offered his first public presentation at the age of 8 years. Student of maestro Pedro Sergio Salcedo in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León and of the eminent Spanish guitarist Ángel Romero in San Diego, California. In the city of Sevilla, Spain, he completed his postgraduate studies in guitar technique and perfection under the instruction of the renowned guitarist María Esther Guzmán.

In 1990, he was placed as the best guitarist in the XXXIII International Course of Spanish Music in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, for which he was awarded the Rosa Sabater prize.

He has performed with great success in the most important rooms and music venues of the Mexican Republic, highlighting the Main Hall of the Palace of Fine Arts, as well as in many cities of the United States, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Italy and Greece, within the most recognized international guitar festivals, such as Hispanoamerican Guitar Festival (Mexico), Guitar Foundation of America Convention (USA), Havana International Guitar Festival (Cuba), UPR International Guitar Cycle (Puerto Rico), International Guitar Festival Entrecuerdas (Chile), International Guitar Festival Soloists of the World (Venezuela), International Festival of Latin Guitars (Paraguay), International Guitar Festival Niccolò Paganini (Italy), Naxos International Guitar Festival (Greece), and many others.

He has been a soloist of the most important orchestras in Mexico as well as renowned chambermaids and musical ensembles from the United States, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile and Italy.

Artists such as Ernesto Cordero, Roland Dyens, Julio César Oliva, Guillermo Diego, Ernesto García De Leon, Bertrand Chavarría and Miguel Aragón Briales have dedicated him various arrangements and compositions for his instrument, and has made numerous premieres of works by artists such as Andrew York and Maximo Diego Pujol.

At present, Madrigal teaches guitar at the Autonomous University of Coahuila and since 1996 he has been the director of the International Guitar Festival of Mexico, which is considered one of the greatest guitar events in the world and it’s based in the State of Coahuila, Mexico.


Martín Madrigal playing "Fuoco"

Martín Madrigal playing "Hispanic Dance"