Guitar Art Team Building

The first promotion of the festival's art team building in Serbia is organized within the 21st edition of the Belgrade Guitar Art Festival, which is held from 10th March in Kombank Hall.

Support - Embassy United States of America in Serbia

Guitar Art Team Building is a place of gathering, connections, and development of people from economic, social and cultural fields.

Through this team building the employees have the privilege to learn to play the guitar, to go through the training of fast composing using the method of Palast Promotion, our partner from Germany, and to attend the exclusive lecture of our world-renowned speaker and leadership guru Miha Pogačnik. The end of the day is reserved for visiting the big concerts at Guitar Art Festival.

To whom is Guitar Art Team Building intended?

This training is intended for all business teams that create new values and manage organizations - marketing, communication, finance, HR sectors.

The special value of the Guitar Art Team Building?

Guitar Art Team Building is not a regular training where the employees acquire specific knowledge and skills. The special value of this team building is a festive atmosphere, excellent lecturers, creative energy, networking and common time of employees.

10th March 2020


LECTURE - Leadership - Miha Pogačnik (USA)

 Kombank hall






Telephone numbers:

+381 64 140 7583;  +381 64 195 6921;  +381 11 4016 002;