XXI Guitar Art Festival

March 10h – 15th, 2020 / Belgrade / Serbia

Rhapsody for XXI Guitar Art Festival!

This March Belgrade will become the world capital of the guitar and music world through Guitar Art Festival. During 6 festival days, from 10th to 15th March, 13 big concerts and various featuring programs will be held, and Belgrade will be visited by more than 130 most renowned guitarists from all over the world.

XXI Guitar Art Festival, under the slogan RHAPSODY, implies a new and unusual form of the festival which gathers many various projects, concerts, musicians and styles from all over the world, and this year more than ever.

This years’ edition of the festival brings us strong emotions, linked to the music program and for the future growth of the festival as well. A new third era of the Guitar Art Festival begins and brings many innovations. Festival proudly announces the first festival Team building in the region which will be held from 10th to 12th March in Kombank Dvorana. Guitar Art is building a bridge that strategically connects culture and business.

The forthcoming festival edition will represent the RHAPSODY within which major concerts will be held again in Belgrade’s Kombank Dvorana, classical music will be performed in the atrium of the National Museum and the world premiere of guitar and symphony orchestra concert will be held in the great hall of Kolarac Endowment


Festival opens with the concert of the best flamenco guitarist of the new generation, Daniel Casares, who returns to Belgrade after 5 years and a sold-out concert. The Belgrade audience has rewarded Casares with unimaginable applause for the flamenco dance of his fingers on the strings of the Andalusian guitar.

This time, Daniel and his band will present the new material “Magiterráne”, on which he embarks on a journey with his handpicked flamenco crew. It is a spectacle, just like in Ithaca, it is not the journey that matters or the harbor where you dock, but the entire experience and the knowledge the person brings from the journey. Casares returns to the south with this project, where the Mediterranean once again becomes his greatest inspiration.

Gipsy music is music with a soul. It evokes the purest and most sincere emotion in performs and the audience as well.


At Guitar Art Festival, on the second night, we have Odjila, who performs authentic gypsy music all over the world relying on the tradition of Romen theater from Moscow and the music form legendary movies such as Gypsies are found Near Heaven and My sweet beast, etc. The media in ex-Yugoslavia have presented Odjila as an authentic gypsy band from Moscow, which speaks about the perfection in the performance of gypsy music.

Famous Italian guitar quartet with over a million views on YouTube is coming to Belgrade for the first time!

40 Fingers are announcing a great performance with a special setlist that will open slowly with movie soundtracks, their own compositions after which an energized section with cult melodies and covers of pop and rock hits in a special arrangement for 4 guitars.  Their world success started from the moment they recorded an extraordinary cover version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody which has more than 5 million views on their YouTube channel. The quartet had released their debut album almost immediately.

Fans of the classical guitar will have the chance once again to listen to guitar superstars and leading classical musicians after several years in the atrium of the National Museum.

Guitar Art traditionally brings the best performers, among others, the Istvan Remer and Goran Listes from Croatia, Quarteto de Guitarras “Concordis” from Portugal, Rafael Aguirre from Spain, Shampia Duo from Japan, Furat Qaddouri Duo from UAE, Miloš Janjić from Serbia, Niklas Johansen from Denmark, Igor Klokov from Russia and Milan Dereata from Serbia.

The German composer Joaquin Clerch has created a new piece, dedicated to Belgrade’s Guitar Art Festival.

The piece will be premiered on the main stage in Kolarac Endowment and performed by the Symphony orchestra of RTS under the conductor Bojan Suđić, while the soloist of the concerts will be Marco Tamayo, David Martinez, and Rafael Aguirre.

A big New Year’s Eve action is underway with an additional discount of 25 % by purchasing a set of tickets for the XXI Guitar Art Festival at a promotional price of 8,900 RSD. The action lasts until the 15th of January and the buyers can contact us via e-mail: or by telephone: 011 4016002.

Tickets are on sale at the box office in Kombank hall and all other ticket sale venues in network. The prices start from 1.500 to 3.300 RSD. All information and reservation can be provided via e-mail: