XXII Guitar Art Festival

June 1st – 5th, 2021 / Belgrade / Serbia

Guitar Art Festival will be held from June 1st to 5th in Belgrade under the slogan "Digital Revolution"

Guitar Art Festival and Belgrade Youth Center present the 22nd edition of the International Guitar Festival, which will be held from June 1st to 5th, 2021, under the slogan "Digital Revolution". Belgrade sends a signal and celebrates the guitar through 8 concerts of classical, pop and rock music and other following program of the festival.

Guitar Art Festival is one of the most important cultural events in Serbia and an internationally recognized festival that bears the title of one of the 5 most important festivals of guitar art music in the world. The greatest guitarists and musicians of the world have contributed to that status of the festival, and among them are Paco de Lucia, Sting, Ennio Morricone, Mariza, Tommy Emanuel, Luz Casal, Rosenberg Trio and many others.

The long-awaited concert of the popular guitar supergroup "40 Fingers" opens the Guitar Art Festival on the 1st June, at Kombank Hall. The musicians are looking forward to performance in front of the Belgrade audience, which has been postponed three times so far. The new music and stage spectacle of the Italian guitar quartet "Guitar Rhapsody" will present famous film music, original songs, followed by an energetic part with cult melodies and popular arrangements of pop and rock hits in a special arrangement for 4 guitars.

The celebrated guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski is a regular guest and part of the Guitar Art Festival. This time, at the concert on 3rd June in the main hall of the Belgrade Youth Center, he will be joined by a special guest, Vukašin Marković, a singer and trombonist, with whom he will perform popular guitar songs in special arrangements.

The greatest talents of Serbia occupy a special place in the program scheme of the festival this year. The festival wants to support and promote guitar virtuosos, introduce them to the world and help them start successful international careers.

The concerts will be held by young guitarist Vuk Vukajlović, winner of the "Virtuoso V4 +" competition that has existed in Hungary for six years and which promotes young talents of classical music, Nikola Jelačić, virtuoso of the Belgrade Faculty of Music, as well as Amalia Miler, princess of six-stringed instrument, who will perform a concerto with a string orchestra.

Classical music concerts at the Guitar Art Festival will also be held by top guitarists, including Ruben Bettencourt from Portugal and Tal Hurwitz from Israel.

The closing ceremony of the festival is reserved for June 5th on the big stage of Kolarac endowment and the world premiere of the concert "Recuerdos de Belgrado" by German composer Joaquín Clerch, who dedicated the concert for guitar and symphony orchestra to the Belgrade Guitar Art Festival.
The RTS Symphony Orchestra performs under the baton of conductor Bojan Suđić, and the soloists of the concert are Marco Tamayo from Austria, Rafael Aguirre and David Martinez from Spain.

The new project of the festival production is the Guitar Art Application, which will broadcast part of the festival program. Its goal is to promote the culture of Serbia, Belgrade, young talents, connect and network musicians, as well as audiences around the world, to create a familiar environment, but original enough to surprise and make this festival, as always, exceptional.

For the concert "40 Fingers", the exchange of last year's tickets with the price and date of March 12, 2020 (free tickets 0.00 dinars are canceled) for new tickets will be possible from Monday, May 17th in the hall of Kombank Hall on the Guitar Art desk and will last until Wednesday, May 26th. After that date, the exchange will not be possible, only the eventual purchase of new tickets, if there are conditions for that in accordance with the measures.

The sale of new tickets with the price of 1.200,00 dinars, as well as the replacement of the old ones with the price and date of March 14, 2020 (free tickets 0.00 dinars are canceled) for the concert "Recuerdos de Belgrado", will be possible from Monday, May 17th at the ticket office of the Kolarac Endowment.

Tickets for Vlatko Stefanovski's concert will be on sale from Monday, May 17th, at the box office of the Belgrade Youth Center and through the sales network at a price of 2.000,00 dinars.

Tickets for the Guitar Art Classic concerts on June 2nd and 4th in the Man hall of the Belgrade Youth Center will be priced at 1.000,00 dinars. All information can be obtained by email at




Guitar Art Festival is one of the most important cultural events in Serbia, that has been turning Belgrade for the past 20 years into a guitar capital, which is, during 5 festival days, visited by more than 200 most important guitarists of classical, flamenco, jazz and modern music.

The festival gained its popularity and significance thanks to an original concept that combines two different but complementary areas. On one side is the responsible, educational part of the festival, with competition, masterclasses, lectures and promotons of guitar builders.

On the other side are the concerts of top musicians that are held in the most famous Belgrade concert halls in front of tens of thousands of people.

The Guitar Art Festival completes its program with conferences, exhibitions and round tables.

We are proud to point out that today the Guitar Art Festival is an internationally recognized event that bears the title of one of the 5 most important festivals of guitar art music in the world.


In line with new technologies and global trends of collaboration and communication, Guitar Art App represents the first digital transformation of an art music festival that traditionally exists for 22 years. It is intended for the global market and various target groups. In this way, we want to bring the world, but also to present the best of Serbia - national art, creativity and technology to the world.
Guitarists and guitar lovers from abroad will be able to follow all the activities of the Festival through the application, even to take an active part in masterclasses and competition.