Aniello Desiderio


  • concert

    Tuesday, March 11th | 20:00
    Belgrade Youth Center

  • master classes

    Thursday 13th of March 2014. and Friday 14th of March 2014.

  • lectures


M. de Falla – Danza del Molinero
      (C. Cotsiolis, A. Desiderio, Z. Dukic)
I. AlbénizMallorca
P. Bellinatti – Jongo
(C. Cotsiolis, Z. Dukic)
I. AlbénizCordoba
A. Piazzolla – Lo que vendra
(C. Cotsiolis, A. Desiderio)
C. Domeniconi – Circus music
(A. Desiderio, Z. Dukic)
M. de Falla – La vida breve
(C. Cotsiolis, A. Desiderio, Z. Dukic)


Aniello Desiderio (1971, Italy) graduated in 1992 at the Conservatory of Music in Alessandria. He performed in public for the first time at the age of eight, displaying such gifts that music critics started to speak of him as an enfant prodigya Genius... the Orpheus of the Guitar… He won 18 first International Awards (International Competitions in Messina, /Italy, 1986/, in Havana, /Cuba, 1988/, in Tokyo, /Japan, 1988/, Competition Francisco Tarrega /Spain, 1992/, in Sanremo /Italy, 1994/, in Madrid /Spain, 1995/ in Bremen /Germany, 1999/), as well as the award the Neapolitan of the year in 1988.



Aniello Desiderio plays Napoleon Coste - Le Depart



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