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KORTO Café and More*
11. mart 2014. - 22:00 - 03:00 - Welcome party
12. mart 2014. - 22:00 - 03:00 - Di Luna Blues Band
13. mart 2014. - 22:00 - 03:00 - Big Deal Band
14. mart 2014. - 22:00 - 03:00 - Soul Touch Band
15. mart 2014. - 22:00 - 03:00 - Jackie Brown Band
16. mart 2014. - 22:00 - 03:00 - Goodbye party


*Korto Café and More,
 Nušićeva 6, 11000 Belgrade

Di Luna Blues Band

Milan Mirosavić - drums
Marko Cvetković - bass
Slobodan Negić - guitar
Goran Stojković "Goxy" - guitar, vocal
Sale Ranđelović Ranđa - guitar
Dragan Marković "Mare Di Luna" - guitar
Special guests: Relja Turudić i Boris Đujić
Di Luna Blues Band was founded in 1989 by Sale Randjelovic - Ranđa and also Dragan Markovic - Mare, who was an initiator of the blues in this region and a founder of The Blues Quintet and Point Blank. The primary goal of Di Luna Blues Band was to share the joy and love of blues at live performances. All these years, many musician who started playing in this band, later went to perform with the most famous orchestras. Di Luna participated in numerous national and international festivals and played with the world’s renowed jazz and blues musicians. This year, Dragan Markovic Mare celebrates 35 years of public appearances at the blues and jazz scene.


Big Deal Band

Biljana Peković - vocal
Petar Vušurović - vocal
Bojan Mišković - guitar & vocal
Nebojša Kostić - guitar & vocal
Aleksandar Tepavčević - bass
Vladan Cvetković - drums & vocal
Big Deal group was established in 2007 by several already established musicians who wanted to start a career as a club band. Members of the group has worked in studio and played concerts with the following artists and bands: Van Gogh, Zabranjeno pušenje, Babe, YU Grupa, U škripcu, Oružjem protivu otmičara, Valentino, Laki pingvini, Galija, Hazari, Revolveri, Sladjana Milošević, Goran Milošević, Ana Stanić, Madam Piano, Ana Sofrenović, Čobi, Zoran Miščević. Authorial projects of the band members, their studio engagements, gigs and tours at various concert venues and clubs in Serbia, neighboring countries, as well as in Western Europe and America, have made Big Deal the club's top "cover" band. This group’s playing is characterized by the faithful performance of popular songs that belong to different music genres: pop, rock, disco, funk, house, latino, reggae, evergreen, jazz.


Jackie Brown Band 

Uroš Teofilović - guitar, vocal, saz, violin
Radomir Nikolić - vocal, bass
Jovan Pejčinović - drum, cajon, percussion
Dušan Gligorijević - vocal, guitar

Jackie Brown group was formed in Belgrade in early 2013 and is composed of four musicians. The band has had a large number of performances in Belgrade clubs and is recognizable by an original approach to cover performances, unique repertoire and versatility in playing. The repertoire includes mostly foreign pop-rock songs, which are performed by the band in unusual arrangements. Along with the club performances, the band members are working on the implementation of ideas that will lead to their first original songs.

Uros Teofilovic is a classical guitar professor, author and composer, founder and member of the cover bands. Radomir Nikolic is an author and a member of numerous cover groups and ethno ensembles (Teodulija, MS-Stupovi). Jovan Pejcinovic is a member of the cover and authorial groups (Point Blank). Dusan Gligorijevic is a founder and a member of cover bands.



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