Guitar Integration

The project that through communication and work connects six young guitarists from 6 ex-Yugoslav republics and Maestro Carlo Domeniconi.

Through various activities, programs and contents, the eighteenth edition of Guitar Art Festival is dedicated to the symbol of number 18, as well as to the ''Legal Age'' concept and to the integration of young talented generation of the guitarists from the region. The number eighteen brings, not only new opportunities in the human's life, but also obligations. Our obligation is to build better culture future responsibly. Accordingly, first of all, we would like to dedicate the 18th edition of the festival to the project for young people and futureGuitar Integration. This project is organized with a support and aid of The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, EU Info Centre and Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade.

Besides the traditional festival program, where we represent the greatest guitar names in the world, this year we would like to point out the project of the ascending musicians from all former Yugoslav republics, who will have the opportunity to work together, exchange experiences and create a new guitar future. Through communication and work, this project connects six young artists from 6 ex-Yugoslav republics highlights the importance of sincere connection and understanding, as a precondition for the more successful future. Maestro Carlo Domeniconi, will compose piece for 6 guitars, as a special order of the festival, which will be premiered by Mak Grgić, Srđan BulatSanel RedžićNemanja OstojićRadoš Malidžan and Darko Bageski at the closing ceremony on March 25th, 2017.

Guitar Art Festival is the only one that gives, not only the opportunity, but also the initiative to gather these young guitarists in the project. Our experience and maturity showed that all musicians, regardless the differences (countries they come from, language which they speak, their religion, social position...), are connected by music.

Each of the mentioned project participants is a prominent guitarist, who is well-known in their country and to the wider professional audience in the region. However, the conditions are similar in all countries. Young artists work independently and create a standard program, without an exchange of experience and ideas. Through this project, we want to integrate their work in order to show them that, in effect, they are already connected thanks to the common heritage and that they are able to open the itinerary for the future innovative cooperation in the region and Europe.

Guitar Art Festival is one of the most important classical guitar festivals in the world. We have created conditions for the further development of guitar production in the past hard times when the conditions of development and exchange were missing. Today, we have a vision that new generations, with no burdens of the past, have a possibility to continue building and developing art and culture within the values of European Union, as a new region of all of us. Those values, guidelines and opportunities will be presented at the panel discussion which will be organized with The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia and with Embassies in Belgrade.

Official participants of the project Guitar Integration:

The project Guitar Integration consists of the following activities:

  • The Festival workshop of the participants of the project under the mentorship of the Italian composer Carlo Domeniconi.
  • Six solo concerts of the participants of the project
  • The joint concert of all project participants who will perform the premiere of the composition of Carlo Domeniconi, which was written especially for them.
  • Panel discussion
  • Documentary Guitar Integration
  • Exhibition Guitar Integration
  • World Guitar Orchestra