Guitar Art Café


20th March


Petar Rakić –  guitar

Goran Vučetić – guitar

Miljan Jovanović – guitar

Nemanja Mišić – bass guitar

FIlip Milovanović – drums

Milica Dobrić – vocal

Savica Milović – vocal

Petar Rakić quintet was formed in 2003 on the initiative of Petar Rakić and as a result of years long coopertation with young musicians from Mitrovica that have brought their own expression to the group, which makes it unique and at the same time original, considering that you can hear jazz, blues , rock and fusion of guitar. Also, we are talking about three generations of musicians playing together. The repertoire is very diverse and consists of compositions of Jeff Beck, Stevie Wonder, Ronnie Jordan, as well as jazz composers like Gershwin, Jim Hall, Pat Metheny and others, performed in their arrangements and in an original way.

21st March


Aleksandar Erović – vocals, guitar

Aleksandar Jovanović Šljuka – vocals, keyboards

Ivan Stamenković – clarinet, saxophone

Igor Đorđević – bass guitar

Andreja Jovanović – drums

''Coolares'' is a group that exists on the music scene since 2004 and has authored more than a thousand performances throughout Serbia and the region. A very characteristic repertoire that trancends all genre clasiffications and has unique arrangements, interpretations and improvisations that constitute this group.

22nd March


Miloš Nikolić – vocal and percussions

Predrag Zlatić – guitar and vocals

Stefan MIloradović – guitar

Authentic sound that this band nurtures is a collage of different musical genres  made of two acoustic guitars and percussion.

"Musical play" of these young artists can be characterized as a kind of performance. In six years of playing in clubs in Belgrade they have gained a  great support, by both younger and older audiences.

23rd & 24th March


Aleksandra Stojanović – vocals

Ivica Popović – guitar and vocals

Slobodan Stojanovic Dane – bass guitar

Milan Stojčić – drums

Madicine ... extremely powerful remedy against negative energy and bad taste in music. Madicine, the four-member team, is made of the same line up for ten years now. If you have the abovementioned symptoms, do not hesitate .. try Madicine!

25th March


Milena Albijanić - Vocals

Olgica Erdeljan - Back vocals

Dunja Ostojić - Vocals

Marko Pejčić - Keyboards

Sebastijan Kerekes - Drums

Damir Mojsin - Bass guitar

Boško Djelilović - Guitar and vocals

ABBA Real Tribute Band from Zrenjanin is made of experienced, trained musicians, who had gathered with a common goal - to bring closer the audience and the hits of this well-known group. With the original performances, music, costumes and choreography, the band completely captures the atmosphere and spirit that prevailed at the concerts of the group. Hits like Waterloo, Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, SOS and many others, are performed in an original way, without leaving the original frame. We believe to this day, that this kind of music has not lost the popularity and can be equally interesting for the music audience of all ages, cultures and climates. In addition to the repertoire of Abba, the band performes the so-called "Retro / Disco / Pop / Rock" block.