Established in 1999, Amina is a British technology company which designs and manufactures specialist invisible loudspeakers for the high-end corporate, residential, retail and entertainment markets. They are  powerful, super thin, lightweight loudspeakers that are fast to install and highly effective at creating a powerful musical experience.

The technology, in addition to being invisible, is acoustically more effective than a conventional speaker at filling a space with consistent sound.  This means a more even sound level throughout the space without the loud and quiet spots often experienced with conventional speakers. A key advantage of this technology is that around two to four times less speakers can be used to fill a space with sound when compared with standard ceiling speakers.

Invisibility and improved acoustic coverage was only made possible because Amina returned to first principles on how sound is made.  They have not used the conventional piston operated cone-shaped diaphragm, instead taking their inspiration from traditional musical instruments such as the violin and guitar to create an electrically driven vibrational sound board.