Lectures & Promotions

THEORETICAL LECTURES represent a group lessons for all participants of the festival, which will be held during daily activities in the Belgrade Youth Center, private school Dositej, Institute Servantes, Impact Hub Belgrade, Faculty of Music and Music School Stankovic.

Wednesday, March 9th

Institut Servantes

12:00 - Vishwa Mohan Bhatt


Thursday, March 10th

Institut Servantes

12:00 - Alfonso & Miguel Linares


Friday, March 11th

Institut Servantes

12:00 - Ricardo Parreira "Fado guitar"


Sunday, March 13th

Impact Hub

11:00 - GAF Round table with composer, promoter and journalist "Guitar in modern society"

            Nikita Koshkin, Thomas Offermann & Guy Traviss

12:00 - Thomas Offermann D'Addario promotion

Faculty of Music

14:00 - Ferenc Snétberger "Jazz guitar"