Guitar Visual Art

The group exhibition of young and perspective photographers - SUSTAINABLE / Andjela Petrovski / Danilo Mijatovic / Katarina Cirkovic / Milovan Ilic 8-13. March, Belgrade Youth Centre

Guitar Art Festival gathers young and creative artists from its inception. The concept of the festival represents today a platform for various creative industries. A side from the guitarists, we would like to give a chance to all other artists – to explore, advance and develop themselves. We want to be the support for young talents and to connect diverse domains of modern art through the festival itself.
The group exhibition of young and perspective photographers who had gathered at the Guitar Art Festival was the result of last year’s cooperation. Four independent lenses: Anđela Petrovski, Danilo Mijatović, Katarina Ćirković I Milovan Ilić.

The title of the exhibition is linked to the slogan of the festival: SUSTAINABLE. Each photographer had given his/her own individual view of the festival. The photographs represent the documented frames of various people, perspectives and interests. Every participant has chosen his/her precious moment that had to be documented. Each of them had independently sent the message to the spectator of these photographs.

Concept of the festival is SUSTAINABLE – therefore, we give the floor to the photographers who will tell you what that means for them.


Anđela Petrovski was born in Belgrade, graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts – department of Photography. She had been practicing both analog and digital photography and also focuses on the field of documentary and reportage photography. She is the participant of many workshops and juried group exhibitions with the realization of several independent exhibitions.

When a person is doing something creative it is inevitable to leave a mark of its own behind. That is a selection of a certain moments that will be documented to which we are being led by mere emotions that had inspired or driven us. That is my sustainable frame and angle of observation. This exhibition is intertwined from four different angles. Each angle is enough and sustainable to exist and confirm us as photographers and artists but all of them together make Guitar Art Festival sustainable.


Danilo Mijatović was born in Lazarevac, graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts - department of Photography. He is interested in audio-visual arts and modern theatre. By researching diverse psychological states and exploring the boundaries of the ego, he tries to demystify his personal fears – which is also his life goal but also a big part of his photography works.

Sustainable, an odd compound. For oneself. Independent. Perhaps a meeting point. Me in my relation to others. Stripping your inner-self in front of the others. We have met one another. Again, so very different. Sustainable. Eache separate. Yet again together. Communicating, each for themselves. Through photography. Through music. Our diversities are recognized. Communicating with one another. Unrelated. Sustainable


Katarina Ćirkovićwas born in Belgrade, student of the Faculty of Applied Arts – department of Photography. In the Behance Campus she has won the title of the most perspective participant in the photography workshop under the mentorship of Vladimir Tatarević in 2015. She has participated in several group exhibitions in various art fields and she is also one of the founders of the creative team “Jumanji”.

 All around we hear the word sustainable but it seems to me that there is a little thought about what the word actually means. That word is usually used to signify someone who is tenable. To me, the word sustainable is more alike to the concept of balance and how to maintain it than some kind of separation in the concept of creation.  I think about sustainable like a constant preservation of the balance with oneself, like courage to be constant with oneself even if you are little wobbled


Milovan Ilić was born in Užice, student of Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade – department of Photography. Although he has chosen photography he keeps the love for fine Arts. He has been a participant of several group exhibitions. His interests have been expanded to the domain of video production -  and this is how the “Jumanji” creative team was born.  

I have the need to divide the word to «sustain» and «able». Here the first part of the compound represents the limitation to keep the balance in only one profession, in this case the artist itself. The other part of the compound represents the consistency in work and dedication to the goal. Now, when we “sustain” our art it is also required that the artist is “able” to do the same. If we look at this as a simple mathematical problem, we come to this conclusion – “sustain” art + “able” artist = sustainable