Choose the type                              Choose the type                              Price per bed:
of the accommodation:                    of a room:
- Park Hotel  * * * 1/1  45 €
  1/2                            31 €
- Slavija Hotel ** (renovated part, 1/1 28 €
luxury rooms) 1/2   20 €
- Hostel Belgrade Eye 1/4, 1/5, 1/6  10 €



  • Prices for staying in hotels Park and Slavija include breakfast and other hotel benefits, accommodation tax and VAT, while in the hostel prices include only accomodation tax and VAT.
  • Total amount for the accommodation in Park Hotel, Slavija Hotel and Hostel Belgrade Eye should be paid in cash, upon arrival in Belgrade, at Guitar Art Festival desk at Belgrade Youth Center, Makedonska 22/IV Street.
Hotel Park remark:
  • all the performers and professors will stay in Park Hotel, the official Guitar Art Festival hotel
  • the price includes rich buffet breakfast, use of Hotel's fitness center and wi-fi
Hotel Slavija remark:
  • the luxury rooms we offer in the renovated part of the Hotel are two star rooms
Please contact us at for more information and reservation.