1.   The deadline for submission of applications is April 25th, 2023.
2.   The candidates are obligated to submit the following:
a.    fully completed application form
b.   proof of payment of the first installment of the registration fee (only when applied for master classes)
c.    a copy of identity card or passport (competitors only)
d.   the program (for both stages - competitors only)
e.    proof, i.e., original confirmation that the candidate attends a music school or academy (only for groups of 4 or more candidates from one school or academy)          
3.   The application, together with the above listed documents should be:
a.    brought in person to Guitar Art Festival office (Omladinskih brigada 86z, New Belgrade,
phone: +381 11 401 6002), working days from 10.00 till 18.00 starting from February 1st, 2023.
b.   sent by e-mail to:
4.   After sending the application form with documents all together by e-mail or post, candidates who do not receive any response within 10 days should call the Guitar Art Festival office to: +381 11 401 6002 or +381 64 1407583.
5.   The registration fee for participants are as follows:
a.      For PASSIVE CANDIDATES the registration fee is 120€ (a set of tickets for all festival concerts, passive attendance of master classes and promotions); if the candidate wishes to compete, he is obliged to pay an additional fee in the amount of 40€ to 80€, depending upon the category he competes in;
b.     For ACTIVE CANDIDATES the registration fee is 240€ (3 individual master classes, a set of tickets for all festival concerts, passive attendance of master classes and promotions); if the candidate wishes to compete, he is obliged to pay an additional fee (which amounts from 40€ to 80€, depending upon the category he competes in); if the candidate wants to apply for additional individual classes (maximum up to 6 in total), the additional fee is 40€ per class.
c.      a fee for GROUPS of 4 and more candidates from one institution is:
elementary and secondary music schools, academies and their employed guitar professors: 100€ per person (a set of tickets for all festival concerts, passive attendance of master classes and promotions), and it represents a special benefit that applies only to regular pupils, students and professors (teachers) of music schools and academies in Serbia and countries from the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Members of the group have the opportunity to apply individually for the competition and 3-6 individual classes under the mentioned conditions.
d.     Registration fee for CATEGORY I IN SOLO GUITAR (in amount of 40€) represents the exclusive right of participation at the competition; if the candidate wishes to have 3 individual classes in duration of 40 minutes, he is obligated to pay the additional fee of 120€.
6.   Payment should be made in two installments:
· First installment: 60€ per participant is the amount of reservation for all passive candidates and groups.
·     Active candidates, who apply for masterclasses, should cover expenses for individual classes with the first installment (40€ per class).
* After receiving application form, instruction for payment will be sent by e-mail.
* The payment slip should be sent with the application and other documents from February 1st, latest until April 25th 2023 (at the exact moment when the class booking is done).
* Candidates outside the territory of Serbia, should contact or phones +381 11 4016002 and +381 64 1407583 about the method of payment of the I and II instalments (related to the country they come from), as well as about the current rules for entrance and departure from Serbia, due to a Covid19 pandemic.
·     Second instalment: should be paid in cash at Guitar Art Festival desk on the first day of the festival (10th May, 2023, 09.00-17.00, MTS HALL)
Passive participants: 60 €
Active participants: 120 €
 (+ possible extra payment for the competition)
7.     Groups of 4 or more interested candidates (students and professors) from music schools or academies who want to get a discount must be self-organized and officially applied the same day along with all required documents and fees. Individual registration of candidates from the group will not be accepted.
8.     The total number of master classes during the festival is limited on 250, and the total number of applied candidates is 60.
9.     Applying starts on February 1st, 2023, and all registered participants with paid reservation will have 3-6 individual master classes provided, no matter the age, success, school, or country.
Within the application form candidate specifies the names of 8 professors he would like to have the master classes with, and then the Festival committee decides on 3-6 professors (subject to availability) for 3-6 individual master classes and makes the schedule with which the candidate agrees.
10.   In the case of cancellation by the candidate, the registration fee will not be returned.
11.   For parents and guests of the Festival there will be available a limited number of individual thickets, sets of tickets and passive cotisations at different prices, which includes all concerts and activities at the Guitar Art Festival.
12.   The candidates themselves bear travel and accommodation expenses in Belgrade.
13.   Accommodation is available in partner hotels located in Belgrade (bed and breakfast cost from 30 to 80€). Reservation should be made as earliest as possible by e-mail: or by phone to: +381 11 4016002.
14.   Daily program of the Festival activities with all the materials and information will be distributed when registering on the May 10th, 2023 from 09:00 to 17:00 in MTS Hall (Festival's office), as well as on the official festival’s website and social media.
15.   Please contact us for suggestions and questions to:
phone: +381 11 4016002, +381 64 1407583
16. The festival is subject to change.