Master Classes

MASTER CLASSES both individual and in group will be held for all the participants (pupils, students and teachers) by all lecturers of the festival at Dositej private secondary school and Belgrade Youth Centre in the morning and in the afternoon, at the same time in several classrooms.

The total number of master classes during the festival is 300. It means that the number of candidates for the individual master classes is limited to 100, since 3 individual master classes (40 minutes each) are provided for every candidate. Applying starts on 26th December, 2017 and first 100 candidates will have 3 individual master classes provided, no matter the age, success, school or country of the candidate. Candidate specifies the names of 6 professors he would like to have the master class with, and then the festival committee decides on 3 professors (subject to availability) for 3 individual master classes and makes the schedule candidate agrees with.