Guitar Integration II

World premiere of the piece “European Guitar Suite” written for Guitar Art Festival

“Guitar Integrations 2” represent the second part of the great art project that connects the art and creates new heritage. After the last year’s premier of the piece “Bel Grado”, dedicated to the capital of Serbia, this year, the project will represent the premier piece “European Guitar Suite” – dedicated to a common heritage of all of us.

Under the mentorship of Dušan Bogdanović, four magnificent and young composers - Aleksandar Sedlar from Serbia, Marek Pasieczny from Poland, Nejc Kuhar from Slovenia and Golfam Khayam from Iran – they will each compose one section of the suite. Each section will represent the national motifs from the composer’s homeland, both the history and future will be entwined- in other words, the national heritage will serve as an inspiration for the modern interpretation and creation of the new heritage. Within this new music piece, several national musical motifs will connect, not just through each section but also through the last part of the composition which will be composed by all 4 guitarists during the Guitar Art Festival.

The fifth section of the European suite is a repetition but also a symbiosis of four different musical heritages into one. “European Guitar Suite” demonstrates just how much the integrations are important.

The “Integration 2” project is possible due to help and support of EU Delegation in Serbia and EU Info Center.

The premier of the newly-written music piece “European Guitar Suite” will be performed at the official closing ceremony of the festival, where four young composers together with Dušan Bogdanović will represent the new piece that points to a modern creation of common heritage.

Culture connects and enriches people. Culture is important, because it unites us in diversity. 2018 has been proclaimed as the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

We proudly support Guitar Art Festival – Guitar Integration!

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