Vlastimir Trajković


Vlastimir Trajković, one of the most remarkable Serbian composers, was born into a family that had already produced two generations of professional musicians. He is a professor of composition and orchestration at the Belgrade Academy of Music and member of The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

His work encompasses chamber and orchestral instrumental and vocal music but also compositions for piano solo, pieces for organ and those for solo guitar. The music of Vlastimir Trajković has been played by leading Serbian and many other musicians.

I consider Vlastimir Trajković a revelation of a peerless talent,” wrote Alexandre Tansman, “a talent of powerful individuality in which strong vitality combines with a very appealing poetic imagination. . . . His music, never gratuitous, reveals itself as an admirable (and nowadays rare) synthesis of intuitive invention and constructional, controlled intelligence.  . . .” (On Vlastimir Trajković, in French, Éditions Max Eschig, Paris, 1979).

The words of Olivier Messiaen are printed in the same publication: “Vlastimir Trajković is a Yugoslav composer of a very great talent. He is endowed with a poetical nature . . . and possesses an excellent orchestration technique.  . . . His Duo, for piano and Orchestra, of a very strong and very powerful script . . . is certainly a piece of exceptional beauty.  . . .


Vera Ogrizović (guitar)
Miloš Janjić (guitar)
Zoran Anić (guitar)
Andras Csaki (guitar)
Camerata Serbica (string orchestra)
Bojan Suđić (conductor)


Ten preludes for guitar, op. 10

I Moderato
II Vivo con impeto
III Andante ben tenere e senza rigore
IV Vivo ben ritmico
V Adagio molto grave
VI Allegretto piacevole
VII Con brio
VII Liberam ente e quasi
IX Andante semplice
X Affettuoso non mosso
Zoran Anić, Miloš Janjić

Balada za solo gitaru Op.13
Ballad for Guitar Solo, Op.13

Canto ridato, for Guitar, Op. 30

Special order of Jugokoncert for this year’s program that Guitar Art Festival is exceptionally thankful for
András Csàki

Arion, le nuove musiche per chitarra ed archi, op. 8
Vera Ogrizović, guitar
Camerata Serbica & Bojan Suđić