SAVA CENTAR/ 10. FEBRUAR 2011. / 20:00 / visit www.divas-4.com

Div4s is an ensemble of four sopranos, created with the purpose of presenting a new concept of singing and ensemble performance: a reprocessing of evergreen hits, Italian classics and international famous songs performed with operatic voice and orchestra accompaniment, with the contamination of pop sounds and rhythms.

Denise, Isabella, Vittoria and Sofia, all young and full of enthusiasm, come from conservatory studies. In 2008, Div4s made their debut in Rome, side by side with Maestro Andrea Bocelli, and today they work with maestro Andrea Bocelli and solo in a prestigious halls all over the world. From November they will be singing with Andrea Bocelli in a tour in UK and in December whit Michel Bolton and Noa in world TV Christmas concert. Beside their concerts they are preparing their first CD that will be presented in different parts of the world. Their unique appearance in classical and opera music contributed to wider affirmation on international scene, while the public already declared them as a female response to a  tenor group Il Divo.


First part:
Joaquín Rodrigo: Concierto Andaluz
Programe for 4 guitars & 4 sopranos

Nino Rota: Tema di Gelsomina (tratto dal fim La strada)
Div4s & Los Romero


Second part:
Omaggio a Nino Rota
(Milano, 3 .12. 1911-Roma, 10. 04. 1979)
Le notti di Cabiria, Suite e canzone
La dolce vita, Fantasia e canzone
Casanova, Pin Penin
Amarcord, Fantasia
Romeo e Giulietta, Preludio, danza e canzone d’amore
Il padrino, Suite dalla trilogia