Roberto Fabbri

Roberto Fabbri graduated at the Conservatory of S. Cecilia in 1986. At present, apart from his musical career as a soloist and in guitar quartet Nexus, he is the headmaster and teacher of classical guitar at the Academy Novamusica e Arte in Rome.

Mr. Fabbri is regularly invited to perform and take masterclass in international guitar festivals. He has always carried out didactic and editorial activities, cooperating with different publishing houses (Anthropos, Berben, Playgame, EMR, Warner Bros, Carisch). He contributes to the Magazine Chitarre and is the editor for the classical section of the magazine. He is also the artistic director of  Fiuggi Guitar Festival. At present he teaches classical guitar at the Istituto Musicale Pareggiato Giulio Briccialdi in Terni. He is the testimonial of Ramirez guitars and plays a Ramirez 125° Anniversary 2007 n°1 and uses La Bella strings.