Yamandu Costa

19. March

21:30 / Kolarac Foundation Hall

Yamandu Costa

Brasil / concert

web: www.yamandu.com.br

Yamandu Costa, 7-string guitar virtuoso, is one of the few Brazilian instrumental music composers, extremely gifted musician, improviser and now at the age of 31, with his distinct way of playing, already a reference for the younger guitar generation.

He began his guitar studies with his father when he was 7 years old. Later, he perfected his technique with Argentine virtuoso Lúcio Yanel. Until the age of 15, Yamandu´s only music school was the folk music from the south of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Influenced by many great musicians like Lúcio Yanel and Astor Piazzolla from Argentina, Raphael Rabelo, Baden Powell and Antonio Carlos Jobim from Brazil and Django Reinhart from France, Yamandu Costa has built its own expression which is difficult to classify into one genre.

His style has a clear basis in the South-Brazilian music, first in choro and samba, but also emits sounds of other Latin-American styles such as: bossa nova, milonga, tango and chamame.