Nikita Koshkin

Nikita Koshkin

Russia / masterclass / jury (kat 6)

Nikita Koshkin (Moscow, 1956) is one of the foremost living composers for guitar and a virtuoso performer on the instrument.

He studied guitar with Georg Emanov at Moscow College of Music and improved himself with Alexander Frautchi at Gnesin Institute (Russian Academy of Music), where he also studied composition with Victor Egorov.

Koshkin’s composing profile gained international stature in 1980, when V. Mikulka premiered his suite The Prince’s Toys. His music includes scores of guitar concertos and ensembles, works for guitar with other instruments and voice, performed by artists such as J. Williams, V. Mikulka, D. Illarionov, E. Papandreou, Assad Duo, Zagreb Guitar Trio, Georgia Guitar Quartet. Until 2001 Koshkin actively played concerts all over the world.

His CDs Koshkin Plays Koshkin and Well Tempered Koshkin was published by Soundset Recordings. The last CD Oratorium, devoted to flute-guitar ensemble music was recorded with the great flutist S. Mitryaikina. For five years he was leading the radio programs devoted to the classical guitar.

Nowadays Koshkin is mainly composing and teaching at the State Classical Academy in Moscow.