Tatjana Kukoč

19. March

20:00 / Kolarac Foundation Hall

Tatjana Kukoč

Croatia-Germany / concert


Tatjana Kukoc has focused on working with contemporary composers since 1991 and has initiated numerous first recordings of new music for guitar.

Fascinated by the idea of using studio multitrack techniques as a means of extending the qualities of her instrument, she recorded the CD „Electric Counterpoint“ in The Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada.

Recording project „Shift“, with composer Ulli Goette and his minimal music ensemble „In Process“ from Kassel/Germany, followed in 2000 and features music for an unusual sextet: flute, piano, keyboards, marimba, percussion and guitar. The CD „Jovka“, a unique recording for alto flute and guitar, with flutist Axel Jacobsen, was inspired by the rich treasures of Balkan folklore, featuring works of Dusan Bogdanovic and Miroslav Tadic. Her latest project „New music for 2 guitars“ with guitarist/composer Tilman Huebner features „a cocktail of minimal meets ethno with a sprinkling of pop“.

Having completed her studies at the Athens Conservatory and Academy of Music in Cologne, Tatjana Kukoc went on to win several major prizes in Finland, Italy and Canada and to perform throughout Europe and North America as a soloist, a soloist with orchestra and member of various chamber-music ensembles. At present she holds a teaching position at the State Music School in Hamburg.




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