Amira Medunjanin

20. March

21:30 / Kolarac Foundation Hall

Amira Medunjanin

Bosnia & Herzegovina / concert


Amira Medunjanin was born in Sarajevo at the time when the popularity of traditional music in the former Yugoslavia was at the high tide, and sevdah held a special place for her. 

The sevdah songs she learned from her mother were the most beautiful of songs. Her fascination with the oral tradition of Bosnia and Herzegovina led her to devote herself to creating a unique voice within sevdah to explore its expressive capacity to the full. 

She had spent years searching in vain for to find people who shared her ideas about sevdah, and for the best way to present it. Dubbed Bosnia's Billie Holiday by music journalist and author Garth Cartwright, the comparison reflects the way in which Amira turns sevdah inside out, finding new contexts and forms within a tradition that is hundreds of years old.

Discography: A Secret Gate (guest appearance), Rosa, Live @ Jazz Fest Sarajevo, Zumra, Amulette.



Giorgos Georgopoulos & Dimitris Lapas

  • Libertango (Astor Piazzolla)
  • Petar Ralchev waltz (Petar Ralchev)
  • Krivo Sadovsko Horo (bulgarian folk song)
  • Hora in Dm (Panagiotis Stergiou)
  • Kapia mana anastenazei (Vasilis Tsitsanis)
  • Zeimbekiko in G (Haris Lemonopoulos)
  • Hartaetoi (Mikis Theodorakis)


Amira Medunjanin & Boško Jović - Tradicionalne narodne pesme

  • Kradem ti se u večeri
  • Stade se cvijeće rosom kititi
  • Kiša pada trava raste
  • Ajde Jano
  • Sejdefu majka buđaše
  • Ah što ćemo ljubav kriti


Kemo Sundiulu Sisoko & Igor Vincetić

  • Aissata Bale
  • Ikana Fo
  • Wandiya Mandi
  • Nansara Dunya
  • Ami
  • Simbo
  • Lumbenala
  • Mariamba


Amira Medunjanin & Edin Karamazov