This year's festival masterclasses will continue the concept of our project “Guitar Integrations” with significant educational purpose. It includes the youngest and the most talented guitar students from Montenegro of various ages (10 to 22 years, pupils of elementary Music school, Music high school and Music academy students). They will attend the workshops every day during the festival and also perform on a concert on the closing ceremony of the festival on the 20th August at Music Square in Herceg Novi to present their work and talent to the audience. The total number of students is 15, and it is the selection of best pupils from Music school in Podgorica (6), Herceg Novi (3), Kotor (4) and other Montenegrin cities.

Masterclasses will take place as part of daily activities in the music school in Herceg Novi in ​​the morning (from 9 am to 1 pm), at the same time in several classrooms. Students will actively and passively participate in classes where they will develop their emotional experience through direct contact, conversation, playing and listening, building the educational significance of the festival.



Milica Ćorić, Asja Radojević, Luka Marković

Asja Radojevic was born in 2010 in Herceg Novi. She finished the 4th grade of the School for Primary Music Education in Herceg Novi. She attends guitar in the class of professor Aleksandar Bubanja.

Luka Markovic was born in 2009 in Kotor and he finished the sixth grade of the Elementary Music School in Herceg Novi. So far, he has participated in the municipal competition several times and won first or second place. At the XVII International Classical Music Competition “Viva – music” in 2019, he won second place, based on which he had the opportunity to play at Carnegie Hall, which he did not use.

Milica Ćorić was born in 2009 in Kotor, Montenegro. She finished the fifth grade of JU Elementary School “Orjenski bataljon” in Bijela and at the same time the fourth grade of the School of Primary Music Education in Herceg Novi, guitar department, with prof. Nikita Andrijenko – both schools with great success. She participated in several concerts organized by the Music school. In addition to learning guitar, she trains volleyball and swimming.


Kristina Miljenović, Kataros Nikolas, Milica Vulanović, Nikolina Dževerdanović, Danijela Krstović

 Kristina Miljenović was born in 2006 in Kotor, Montenegro. At the age of 7, she started playing guitar at the “Vida Matjan” Music School. She attended the first three grades in the class of Dražen Joković, and continued her education in the class of Romeo Lukšić. She attended master classes with famous professors.
 She has over 20 awards behind her:
"International Guitar Festival Rust" 2020 - 2nd prize;
„Guitar art festival” 2019 - 3rd prize, 2020 - 4th prize;
"International guitar festival - Tremolo" 2020 - 1st prize and special award "A special surprise Tremolo awards for 2021" and 2021 - 2nd prize;
„Vojvodina guitar festival” 2020 - 2nd prize;
"International music competition" 2020 - 1st prize;
"Peter Gaci XIX" 2020 - 1st prize;
"Transilvania international guitar festival" 2020 - 2nd prize and "Grand prix" audience award;
Sarajevo International Guitar Festival 2019 - 1st prize;
“Montenegro international guitar competition” 2018 - 2nd prize, 2019 - 1st prize, 2020 - 2nd prize, 2021 - 2nd prize;
“Guitar fest Bijelo Polje” 2018 - 1st prize, 2019 - 1st prize, 2020 - 1st prize;
„Albania guitar festival” 2020 - 3rd prize;
"Gaetano Marziale Italy" 2021 - 3rd prize;
State competition “XLV Youth Music Festival of Montenegro” 2018 - Silver lira.
Kristina Miljenović had her first solo concert at the age of 13 in August 2020, organized by the Port of Arts in Kotor. She recorded 2 music videos for them.
She performed in Tuzla at the “Cabaret Theater”, in Lepenski Vir, at the Maritime Library in Kotor, on the Square of Arms, the palace “Pima”, “Roman mosaics” in Risan, “Maritime Museum of Montenegro” Church of St. Paul, KIC “Budo Tomović”, within the fashion-stage performance "Fatal Woman", at "Guitar Days" in Podgorica, Herceg Novi and many other places.

 Milica Vulanović was born in 2003. She graduated from the elementary school "Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša" in Budva and won the diploma "Luča". At the same time, she finished elementary music school in the class of professor Ivana Cikić, also with great success. Participating with the orchestra at the " Youth Vocal Ethno Festival" in Negotin in 2018, she was awarded a special diploma for preserving traditional texts and melodies in art processing. At the II International Guitar Competition in Bijelo Polje in 2019, she won the II prize.
 She is currently improving her knowledge at the “Vida Matjan” High School of Music in Kotor, in the guitar department in the class of Professor Romeo Lukšić. She finished the second grade of high school with great success.
 This year, she participated in the "Vivum" project, organized by the Institute for Education of Montenegro, and under the auspices of UNICEF.
 She won the third prize at the XIV International Guitar Competition in 2020 in Tivat. She also won the first prize at the XIII International Piano Competition in Smederevo in 2021 in the category of piano as a second instrument.

Nicholas Katharos was born in 2009 in Athens, Greece. At the age of five, he moved to Kotor, Montenegro, where he still lives. He finished the 6th grade of the elementary school, "Narodni heroj Savo Ilić" in Kotor. From the age of 6, he plays the guitar and attends the Music school for primary and secondary education "Vada Matjan" in Kotor, first in the class of professor Dražen Joković, and later professor Romeo Lukšić.
He attended a masterclass with professor Maroje Brčić.
2018 - School competition, 1st prize;
2019 - School competition, 1st prize;
2020 - School competition, 1st prize;
         - Montenegro international guitar competition, 1st prize;
2021 - School competition, 1st prize;
         - Montenegro international guitar competition, 2nd prize;
He performed at the concert "Kotorart talents - Don Branko's days of music" as well as at the concerts of the students – winners of the first prize.
In his free time he writes poems, and has won numerous awards at literary competitions. He loves sports and trains water polo.

Danijela Krstović was born in 2002. in Kotor, Montenegro. She finished „Vida Matjan” High School of Music in Kotor in the class of prof. Romeo Lukšić. She has won the Golden Lyre several times at the Youth Music Festival of Montenegro, as well as the II and III awards at the Montenegro international guitar competition festival and the II award at the Sarajevo international guitar festival. She participated in the Guitar Art Festival, Postojna Guitar Week, International Summer Music School Pučišća, Brač... She performed at the Kotor Art Festival and on a concert as part of the project “VIVUM”.



Anja Petričić, Danilo Izgarević, Marko Lazović, Nađa Grdinić, Nikolina Dobrašinović, Vuk Radunović

Anja Petričić finished the 4th grade of the High School of Music “Vasa Pavić” in Podgorica, in the class of Professor Borjan Radović with great success. She has won awards at national competitions in the categories of solo and chamber music, as well as at international “Montenegro international guitar competition” and “ Vojvodina guitar fest” in solo category. She has performed at school concerts, solo and in the guitar orchestra, at the “Guitar Days 2019” festival, as well as at the “Guitar art summer fest” 2019. During her schooling, she attended numerous masterclasses. She will continue her education at the Music Academy in Cetinje.

Danilo Izgarević was born on September 7, 2006 in Podgorica. He completed his primary music education on guitar department, at the Art School for Music and Ballet "Vasa Pavić" in Podgorica, in the class of professor Bojan Đuković. From September, he will attend the Art School for Secondary Music Education for Talents "Andre Navarro" in Podgorica in the class of professor Rado Amanović.
 During his education so far, he won the "Bronze Lyre" at the Youth Music Festival of Montenegro 2014, the "Golden Lyre" at the Music Festival of Youth of Montenegro 2016, the First Prize at the International Guitar Competition "Nikšić Guitar Fest" 2016, the "Golden Lyre" at the Youth Festival of Montenegro 2018, Third Prize at the Montenegro International Guitar Competition – Tivat 2018, First Prize at the International Guitar Fest  – Bijelo Polje 2019 and 2020, Second Prize at the Montenegro International Guitar Competition 2019 and 2021, Second prize at the International Competition "Danubia Talents" – Budapest 2020, First prize at the International Guitar Competition "Tremolo" – Skopje 2020 and 2021.
 He participated at the 13th and 14th Guitar Art Summer Fest 2018 and 2019 in Herceg Novi. He also participated in the event "Guitar Days" in 2019 in Podgorica.  
 He attended masterclasses with Dušan Bogdanović, Goran Krivokapić, Miloš Janjić, Johannes Moler, Vera Ogrizović, Costas Cotsiolis, Diamond Campbell, Eduard Pasqual Diez, Dževdet Sahatdžija, Aleksandar Hadži-Đorđević, Maja Radovanlija, Silvio Bilić, Ema Kapor...

Marko Lazović was born in 2003 in Nikšić, where he finished elementary and three grades of the High School of Music “Dara Čokorilo” in the class of professor Nikola Pejović.
 During his education, he participated in numerous international guitar festivals: Guitar Festival Sarajevo 2015 and 2019, Guitar Art Festival Belgrade (March 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020), Guitar Art Summer Fest in Herceg Novi (2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019), Tivat Street Music Festival 2016, Vojvodina Guitar Fest in Novi Sad (2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020), Fantast 2016, Omiš Guitar Festival (2017 and 2019), ARLEMM 2017, International Guitar Festival "Guitar Days in Podgorica 2019", Kotor Art Festival 2020 and 2021, TREMOLO 2020, "Giovani Musicisti 2020" Treviso Italia. As part of the Port of Kotor Art 2021 project, he held three solo concerts within the beautiful walls of the Old Town of Kotor.
 He is the winner of 12 first and 8 other international awards, as well as of the three First golden liras at the National Competitions in Montenegro (2014, 2016 and 2018).

Nadja Grdinic was born in 2005 in Podgorica. She graduated from the Elementary School "Risto Manojlović" in Kolašin and the Elementary School for Music Education in Kolašin - guitar department. She finished the first grade of the high school "Vasa Pavić" in Podgorica, in the class of professor Dražen Joković.
 She has participated in many festivals, national and international competitions. So far, she has won 14 "Golden Lyre" awards at state competitions in the solo and duo guitar categories. At international competitions, she won 2 first prizes at the competition in Bijelo Polje, 3 first prizes at the competition in Becej, first prize at the competition in Novi Sad, first prize at the international competition in Tivat and second prize at the competition in Sarajevo.
In the past year, she participated in two online international competitions, where she won second place in the competition in Tirana, and third place in the international competition "Montenegro international Guitar Competition" among competitors from 10 countries.

Nikolina Dobrašinović was born in 2003 in Berane. She finished elementary music school, guitar department, in Berane, in the class of professor Adela Grubić. During that period, she performed at numerous concerts organized by the music school and the municipality, as well as at the state competition.
She enrolled in the high school "Vasa Pavić" in Podgorica in 2018 and is now in the 4th grade, in the class of professor Bojana Brajović, as well as professor Borjan Radović (period of II and III grade).
Besides music, she draws and paints.

Vuk Radunović was born in 2003 in Nikšić, and he finished elementary and lower music school in Berane. He is a fourth grade student at the Art School of Music and Ballet “Vasa Pavić” in Podgorica, guitar department, in the class of Professor Marko Prentić.
 He regularly attends master workshops of guitar experts, and has participated in numerous competitions in the country and abroad (Montenegro guitar competition 2019 - I award and 2021 - II award, Guitar Fest Bijelo Polje 2021 - I award, Albania international guitar competition 2021 - II award...).