When I came to Herceg Novi for the first time, I realized that it was Mediterranean city where I would love to make the festival. I wanted to create a place where my friends could socialize, inspire themselves and play. After ten years of Guitar Art Summer Fest I can tell you that I did it! In Herceg Novi,  all artists play wholeheartedly and a special sound that echoes the Kanli Tower and Music Square is been created.
Many of my friends and prominent artists participated at the festival, and for me, it is particulary important that Herceg Novi has become their special place. A city that they miss and where they want to return.
Therefore, this year we launch a new navigation as well as a second decade of Guitar Art Summer Fest. Many guitarists are yet to hear about Herceg Novi - the city of arts and festival romantically lives, grows and develops. With their concerts, they give their contribution to the city and they build a new cultural heritage of all of us.
At the beginning of the second decade we want to draw a path for future and improvement. The Festival of Herceg Novi now has a new perspective – path and vision – to inscribe in a map of the most important summer guitar festivals.

My dear citizens of Herceg Novi, we enter together into the second decade of the festival. I want to thank you. Without your support and help I wouldn't be able to continue building our festival. I promise you a lot of art, music and joy.

Bosko Radojkovic
Founder and Director of the Festival