Masterclasses at the 14th international Guitar Art Summer Fest in Herceg Novi

Masterclasses present individual lessons with passive monitoring of other workshops and lectures.

Master classes will be held at the Music School of Herceg Novi from 16th to 20th of August in the period from 10:00 to 14:00. Participants of the festival will have 3 individual classes in duration of 45 minutes.

The teachers who hold individual classes at the festival are Costas Cotsiolis and Diamond Campbell.

The price for 3 individual classes + tickets for concerts is 80€, which participants are supposed to pay on August 15th at 12.00 at the Music School, when the participants will be registered as well.

Interested guitarists can apply by August 10th through e-mail:, as well as by phone +381 64 140 7583.


  • 3 individual guitar classes in duration of 45 minutes
  • passive monitoring of other classes
  • tickets and reserved seats for all six concert nights
  • final concert performance