Guitar Visual Art

15th - 20th August 2019. Gallery SueRyder, Belavista Square (Old Town).

Guitar Art Festival became recognisable by its visual identity, or the visual identity has become part of the wider image of Guitar Art Festival. We construct every edition of Guitar Art Festival with a holistic approach. The importance of our music program is equal to the attention we devote both to branding and contemporary development of the festival. The provocative slogan, creative visual identity and engaging campaign are the aspects which we rebuild for each edition. This is the kind of channel of creative communication we have with our audience. By visual identity and slogan, the Festival originally sends both questions and answers. These are important aspects that have built a brand that Guitar Art Festival has today, not only in the region but also worldwide.

So far, creative campaigns such as Respect, Vibrations, Inside, Applause have been stood out… The visual identity has been carrying our story for many years, our concept, artists, concerts, lectures, classes, exhibitions.