Guitar Art Visual

15th - 20th August 2023. Gallery SueRyder, Belavista Square (Old Town).

“I AM ME…”
Vojislav Vojo Kilibarda

Vojislav Vojo Kilibarda (Boka, 1978), master of painting, museum advisor, editor of art programs, and designer at JUK Herceg Fest - Herceg Novi. In essence: an artist, a Mediterranean man, a man with a restless creative spirit, a curious experimenter who "searches, plays, and moves from life to art and from art to philosophy."

He organized a dozen independent exhibitions and participated in several collective exhibitions and art colonies. The presentation of the project "I create theater in front of and behind the scenes" at BITEF, STERIJA'S THEATER, PURGATORIJA stands out... Often awarded. One of the most cherished recognitions is the first prize at the Herceg Novi Winter Salon, the most important art exhibition in Montenegro and one of the oldest in the region. The title of the award-winning work realized using a combined technique, is a play on words - (U)KRUG(U) which is read as CIRCLE, GOING IN CIRCLE, IN CIRCLE, and TO CIRCLE can be an explanation of Kilibarda's entire creativity. That circle is open, and so far it includes works made with oil on canvas, acrylic, combined technique, and photo collages. It also includes the authorship of posters, program booklets, flyers, scenography for performances of the Herceg Novi Theater, for the festival of the Herceg Novi April Theater Festival, graphic editing of books, magazines, catalogs of the Herceg Novi Film Festival. It includes cooperation with the Petar Lubarda Foundation, the organization of art competitions, and independent exhibitions.

Kilibarda's circle is, in addition to all that, as he himself says: "A symbol of the universal, cosmic and personal." A message of eternity, beginning and end.

From the nucleus of the atom to the most distant space bodies, everything speaks in the language of the circle...According to the dictates of modernity, a multiplied man with all his energy, emotions, form, attitudes, light and dark sides, surrounded by an apparent emptiness (darkness), but an emptiness that can also be a stage (theatrical) and that of life. A circle - the scene of everything that life means... and man in that circle is a being who plays, a particle in the cosmos - homo ludens. I play, and play is the value of human existence, it is resistance to repression and unification..."

The exhibition that he prepared for the Guitar Art Summer Fest, a festival that, like the whole of Herceg Novi, Kilibarda is extremely fond of, the exhibition that will be opened in the "Sue Ryder" gallery which is led by an exceptional collaborator and friend Ljiljana Marinović, is an attempt to open a circle for the audience in which all segments of Kilibard's creativity will be shown.

To the satisfaction of the organizers and the audience, and to the author the obligation to continue enriching and expanding that circle preserving the long-adopted Lubarda's thought "I am me, and I create the world according to my will..."