Introductory remarks of Bosko Radojkovic, founder and director of Guitar Art Festival

Myself, I am always JUST  thinking about the Guitar art festival, and   I am CONSTANTLY  organizing it. It is a seventeen years of continuity that have built this guitar Babylon, and brought all of us together. Thanks to the guitar sound, this year again Belgrade will be a multicultural center of the world. This is a unique moment connecting independent individuals, the students that  dream and practice, teachers enthusiastic about passing on their knowledge, inspiring concert virtuoso playing for us, and all our friends willing and ready to help us.

The festival, being alive, growing, developing, is CONSTANTLY innovating. This year we are embarking on a journey to visit classic guitar, tango, flamenco and then on to jazz and fado music. But our festival is not JUST about listening to the music, but also debating, talking about it, critical evaluation, discovering new trends, and spending time together. Together we decide how to continue, what to do in the future, how to live our music, work, build the future.

So, dear friends I wish for all of you to be true to yourselves, to persevere, to be constant and SUSTAINABLE  like our Guitar Art Festival!


Bosko Radojkovic

Director and Founder of the Festival