EXHIBITION OF PHOTOGRAPHY: New objective - Andjela Petrovski


15TH – 20TH AUGUST 2015


Sue Ryder Gallery, Belavista Square (Old Town) Herceg Novi

Guitar Visual Art presents an exhibition of photos of Anđela Petrovski. Selection of exhibited photos in this project presents the result of the competition of the festival that was held last year. The contest is created for young and still not established artists that the public hasn’t had the privilege to hear for or to see their work. The essence of this exhibition and of the project is precisely the desire to provide a framework and a platform for creative young artists from other fields of art where they will be able to create their own original works, and also to participate professionally in a musical / cultural event for the first time.

In this way Guitar Visual Art builds its base of artists representing their own artistic guitar expression, as well as the impact and significance of the festival. We support young artists and we strive to establish exhibiting platform that will present an authentic view through the objective of young and promising artists.

The work of art takes its status only when it is placed in front of the eyes of the viewer. These works of art are new wave and perception of concert photography on our contemporary scene. We believe that photographer Anđela Petrovski is mature enough to tell her vision of our musical story. In her works we can see new symbiosis between documentary and art photography. She historically documents event / concert, but at the same time enables the viewer to feel all the inner strength and expression of the performer. That is exactly their greatest value.

Anđela Petrovski is a fourth year Photography student of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. She graduated from the School of Design in Belgrade, where she met with photography for the first time. Firstly, she was dealt with analogue photography, and at the Faculty she turns to the digital photography. She deals with photography in all fields, and most of all with documentary photography and reportage. She participated in several juried exhibitions in various photo-projects, including a project “Eye of Serbia” and annual “Refoto” exhibition in the “Art Ghetto” on the topic “My city, my people”.

Participation on Guitar Art Festival, as student of Photography, was a new experience for me. The first time I met not only with concert photography, but also with very specific task in the field of this photography, and that's photographing concerts of classical music. It is a great challenge. There are clear rules of behavior, which were unknown for me, and under the mentorship of one of the most experienced photographers in this field, El Gvojos, I got by and I learned how to behave and how to document such an event. After all concerts I've listened and I’ve photographed, I feel ready to continue to deal with concert photography. It was intense and very helpful and I'm grateful to be a part of this project.