The Giants of Russian-Romani music – the iconic group Odjila at the Guitar art Festival!

Internationally celebrated Yugoslavian group Odjila will have a big concert on March 11th in Kombank Dvorana as a part of the XXI international Guitar Art Festival in Belgrade.

For the first time in their 30-year long career, Odjila will hold a concert in the legendary Dom Sindikata – now known as Kombank Dvorana. It will be an opportunity for the audience to listen to numerous timeless Russian-Romani hits.

Tickets are now on sale at the box office of Kombank Dvorana and through ticket network The prices start at 1.500 to 2.800 RSD. All information and reservations can be attained by calling the number 011/2206244 or via e-mail

Since its inception, Odjila has been performing Romani music all over the world relying on the tradition of the “Romen” theatre from Moscow and the music from the legendary films such as “Queen of the Gypsies”, “Shooting Party”, etc. 

The media in Yugoslavia, but in many other countries as well, had been representing Odjila as an authentic gypsy band from Moscow, which significantly points out about the perfectionism of their performances. The group released three albums (two golden) in the period from 1983 to 1990. The third album consists of music from films such as “The Dark Side of the Sun”, “Drugi Čovek” and “Osmi dan u nedelji” in which the case was made from actors as well not just musicians. (The fusion of music and acting is also specific for the theater play "Letimo, srešćemo se", directed by Steva Žigon.)

In the same period, Odjila had won the award “Orfej” for the best LP chosen by JRT and the European award for the best song ("Solniška") at the competition for the best radio recording in Europe. Odjila” had concerts in all most famous halls in Yugoslavia. The most noticeable performances were the ones they had in Kolarac Endowment and theater in Maribor as the first act to play there since the opening of the venue.

The group had represented Yugoslavia at the World festival of Romani music and won many praises even from the Gipsy Kings.  in 1988 in London. “Odjila” has been listened to not only in Europe but also in the Far East (South Korea, Singapore).

In the recent years they had held several fantastic concerts within BELEF festival in Kapetan Miša’s Building, following the concert in Kolarac Endowment but also the performances in the “Lisinski” hall in Zagreb and the “Union” hall in Maribor.  


Odjila - Andro Verdan (Hop hop hop) / Cigani lete u nebo