The greatest Portuguese diva Dulce Pontes on August 17th at the Guitar Art Summer Fest in Herceg Novi!

One of the most important world vocals, the biggest Portuguese star Dulce Pontes, will hold for the first time a big concert in Montenegro on August 17th at Kanla Kula in Herceg Novi within the 14th International Guitar Art Summer Fest.

At her first concert in Montenegro, Dulce Pontes will celebrate 30 years of her career, where in addition to big hits, the audience will have the opportunity to hear some of the tracks from the current album "Peregrinacao". Tickets are on sale at the Herceg Fest cash desk at a price of 20 euros, as well as through the sales network (ex

Dulce Pontes is one of the most renowned Portuguese artists with 9 albums sold in millions of copies with numerous compilation editions. The audience around the world recognizes her by her famous interpretation of the song "Canção do Mar" - which has become the most performed Portuguese song of all time. In her career, she co-operated with Sezaria Evoor, Hose Carerars, Carlos Nunjes, Yorgos Dalaras, Andrea Bocelli, Enio Morikone and many others.

With her album "Lagrimas", Dulce Pontes again reveals the fado, when he was forgotten and when a new generation of musicians was not interested in him. This is the album that has remained as one of the best-selling albums of all time in Portugal. The new great popularity of fado, which begins in the first decade of the 21st century, can not be imagined without the decisive contribution of the largest Portuguese diva Dulce Pontes. She combines a traditional fado with contemporary styles and looks for new musical forms. Her music is not only inspired by the Iberian music tradition, but also by Arabic, African and Brazilian sounds.

Cooperation with legendary composer Enio Morikone is rounded up on the album "Focus", as a joint album signed by both artists. The album has achieved incredible success, as is the next double CD "A brisa do coração", which was recorded live in the Coliseum in Porto. Dulce is releasing the new album "Peregrinacao" in 2017 with the song "Meu Amor sem Aranjuez".

Dulce Pontes is the winner of many international awards, such as the "Amigo" award for the best Latin music performer and the Tenco International Award, followed by the prestigious "Maria Carta" and "Microfono de oro" award.


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