The greatest Gypsy Jazz - Swing band the Rosenberg Trio will perform on 13th March 2019 in Kombank dvorana

After the two sold out Sava Center venue in 2006 and 2008, the most famous Gipsy Jazz - Swing band the Rosenberg Trio from the Netherlands will perform again on the jubilee Guitar Art Festival.

The Rosenberg Trio is one of the most impressive jazz bands of today and it is certainly the best when it comes to “Gipssy Jazz”. For three decades they have been performing all around the world, from the „North Sea Jazz “festival to the New York Carnegie Hall.

The virtuoso Stochelo Rosenberg leads the trio which he founded with his brothers Noni (double bass) and Nous’che (rhythm guitar). Stochelo Rosenberg is being considered as one of the greatest guitarists and many people claim that he has lived up to be equal with his personal role model, the legendary Django Reinhardt.

Stochelo’s immaculate, extremely melodic performances are universally considered to be one of the most brilliant guitar playing styles. He has won the prestigious award Golden given by the „Guitarist Magazine “.

- If you want to learn and understand gypsy jazz, start with Django, the best guitarist ever, said Stochelo Rosenberg.

He started playing guitar when he was 10 years old,  which was very rare in such a musical family. He started listening to Django and had learned all his solos, mimicked him and son he could play practically everything.

Rosenberg Trio possesses at the same time the great clarity, strength and precision.  Maybe this is the reason why Stephano Grappelli has invited them once he had heard this virtuosic trio perform for the first time. Later on, they had recorded music together for CD Caravan.

The Rosenberg Trio has 26 studio and live concert albums behind them today, among which the album “Djangologists” stands out - a CD marking the 100 anniversaries of the birth of Django Reinhardt by the musicians. Besides the repertoire of the legendary Django, the trio also performs their own pieces – the most popular guitar standard among them is the piece „For Sephora “which was composed by Stochelo Rosenberg.

Tickets for the Rosenberg Trio are on sale at the box office in Kombank dvorana and in sales network of ex, at price from 2200 RSD. All information and reservation can be obtained by calling the number  011 401 6002; 064 1379707 or via e-mail