Acoustic guitar masters Kings of Strings in Sava center April 27th

The magical trio Vlatko Stefanovski Tommy Emanuel and Stochelo Rosenborg will once again salute the audience in Serbia on the 27 of April in the Grand hall of Sava center

Virtuoso guitarists trio on tour will feature several different musical genres, as well as styles of playing acoustic guitar. The world recognizes Tommy Emmanuel as one of the greatest guitarists of our time as evidenced by the recognition of the magazine "Rolling Stone" and "Guitar Player", nominations for the "Grammy" or praise of colleagues with whom he collaborated, such as Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, Stevie Wonder and Steve Vai who said a few years ago that Tommy Emanuel is "the best guitarist in the world." In the year 2008, the father of electric guitar, the legendary Les Paul, said about Emanuel that "he has all the qualities to be really the greatest." Australian guitarist is still quite modest regarding his participation in the "Kings of Strings": "This is a great honor and I was excited when I was proposed to be part of such a composition. I knew all about Stochelo for many years and really wanted to play with him, and when I discovered Vlatko’s playing I was delighted! I learned a lot from Vlatko lately."


Stefanovski is practically synonymous with the guitar in the Balkans, but Vlatko is the name by which admirers always speak closely of the legendary guitarist from Macedonia. Since the establishment of the famous band "Leb i Sol" across the great Yugoslav and world tours, Vlatko constantly formed his playing and composing in various styles, from powerful rock riffs toamazingly fast jazz passages and songs in the odd rhythmof southern Europe. Known among colleagues as a very emotional, honest and committed artist, Vlatko made some of the greatest songs from the region such as "Čuvam noć od budnih", "Kao kakao," "Talasna dužina," "Nisam tvoj" and memorable guitar performances of traditional themes such as "Jovano, Jovanke" and "Uči me mamo, karaj me." One of the many Vlatko’s numbers that the trio is practising for the tour is certainly the "Gypsy Song / Eh da imam," which Stefanovski wrote for the film "Gypsy Magic". Cooperation with two international masters, Vlatko sees as a recognition: "It took 40 years to get here, to be able to play with the best in the world. I feel like I've practiced all this time, not only playing, but also studying life. "


Roma music, through her swinger, jazz "manouche" formats, in a completely different way, for three decades has been celebrated by virtuoso Stochelo Rosenberg. The reason for which people today claim that he has overcome his ideal, the legendary Django Reinhardt, may be the fact that he started playing guitar with beeing "only" ten years old and after that, in the age of  twelve, he won his first major award in his native Holland. Today, Stochelo with a family band "The Rosenberg Trio" has behind him 20 studio and concert albums, awards of the "Guitarist" magazine and numerous appearances around the world from the "North Sea Jazz" festival to New York's Carnegie Hall. The owner of the theme and the absolute guitar standard, the song "For Sephora", Stochelo Rosenberg admits that "Kings of Strings" for him is "like the most beautiful gift" and on behalf of the entire "triad of kings," adds: "See you at the concert!".