Boško Radojković - XIX Erste Guitar Art festival starts in 10 days >>> be connected

This years slogan tells you to be connected.

Nowadays this does not really need to be a problem, because we all have that opportunity to connect to different networks, to connect with people, to expand our circles of friendship, knowledge, achievement and success... But is it just like that?

As someone who has been organizing one of the biggest classical guitar festivals for 19 years, I would like to tell you that first you need to connect with yourself! Only  when you are honest with what you are, others can recognize you. You, your work and your achievements. Only then some new sincere, permanent and secure connections are opening with various people, partners and institutions...

I am lucky that in these 19 years people recognize me well.  Now my mission is to connect people through Guitar Art Festival.

For this year besides all I chose to connect World Guitar Orchestra guitar with other instruments, to connect young composers with incredible talent and to make a new work ”European Guitar Suite", to connect our history and future through "Belgrad Guitar Day", to present the archives of Belgrade guitarists with some new guitar power.  And all this I am doing for the first time.

Every guitarist is connected with the world through The Guitar Art Festival. I want to our guitarists proudly make new connections and move forward.

It is my job to connect everyone through a guitar!


Yours truly,

Boško Radojković

Founder and Director of the festival