The greatest Portuguese diva Dulce Pontes 20th March at Guitar Art Festival!

One of the most significant vocals in the world, the greatest Portuguese star Dulce Pontes will have a big concert for the first time on the 20th March in Sava Center in Belgrade within the XIX Guitar Art Festival.

At the Belgrade concert, Dulce Pontes will be celebrating 30 years long and fruitful career and she will perform, besides the well-known hits, some of the new songs from the current album “Peregrinacao”. The tickets are on sale at Sava Center and all other sale places of the network.  All information and reservation can be received by calling 011/2662020 or via e-mail

Dulce Pontes is one of the most acknowledged Portuguese artist with 9 recorded albums sold in over million copies and many compilation editions. The audience all around the world recognizes her by her famous cover of the song ‘'Canção do mar'' – that has become the most covered Portuguese song of all time. During her career, she has collaborated with Cesária Évora, José Carreras, Carlos Núñez, Georgios Daralas, Andrea Bocelli, Ennio Morricone and many other. 

With her album "Lagrimas" Dulce Pontes reveals fado once again in the moment when everyone forgot about it and the new generation of musicians are not taking interest for it. This album remained as one of the most selling albums of all time in Portugal. The newly acquired popularity of fado cannot be imagined without the contribution of the great Portuguese diva Dulce Pontes. She connects the traditional fado with the contemporary styles and searches for new forms. Her music is inspired not only by Iberian musical tradition but also Arabic, African and Brazilian sound.

The collaboration with the legendary composer Ennio Morricone is rounded up on the album” Focus” -  a joint album signed by both authors. The album has become a major success as well as the next double CD ''A brisa do coração'' recorded live in the Colosseum in Porto. Dulce releases the new and current album in 2017 “Peregrinacao”, the song “Meu Amor sem Aranjuez” has stood up from it. 

Dulce Pontes is the winner of many international awards, such as “Amigo” award for the best performer of Latino music and the international award “Tenco”, following the prestigious award “Maria Carta” and “Microfono de oro''.


Guitar Art Festival from 16th to 21st March in Belgrade!

Every March, Belgrade is the European center of guitar events with Guitar Art Festival and over hundred performers from around the world participating in concerts, teaching classes and workshops. For visitors from all over the world, the 19th edition of the Guitar Art Festival will justify its status as one of the five largest classical guitar festivals in the world, and in addition to top concerts of classical music, it will present the audience with an attractive selection of world musicians from jazz, fade, tango, flamenco and ethno music. In addition to the big concert of Dulce Pontes in Sava center, the Belgrade Youth Center will become a festival center with three concert nights and 10 concert performers such Duo Assad brothers, Joaquin Clerch, Puerto Flamenco, Duo Melis, Pacho Flores & Jesus “Pinguino” Gonzales, Duo Mushkalica, Srđan Bulatović i Darko Nikčević. The official closing of the festival will be held in the Great Hall of Kolarac Endowment on 21st March when we will see the performance of the participants of the “Integration II” project. They will perform for the first time the “EU guitar suite” under the mentorship Dušan Bogdanović and with the support of Youth Symphony Orchestra El Sistema. The festival will present one new activity starting form this year – Belgrade Guitar Day that will be held on 17th March on the Square of the Republic and gather over 1000 guitarists within the program that will last for over 10 hours. More information about the program and the festival scheduled can be found on


Dulce Pontes "Meu Amor sem Aranjuez"

Dulce Pontes & Andrea Bocelli - O Mare E Tu