Fado is an universal language

Cristiana Águas and Manuel de Oliveira are performing on the 15th of August at the ceremonial opening of the XII Guitar Art Summer Fest. The concert is supported by the Embassy of Portugal in Belgrade.

What is the concept of Fado Iberia?

Manuel: Based on My experience as an explorer of the Iberian territory music, mainly Flamenco- Jazz and Cristiana as a modern Fado interpreter, we share different expressions with the same Mother - Iberia. We just let flow the feeling we share witch is characteristic of the kind of music we play.

Fado – what does that represent to you and do you think that people around the world can understand what the essence of fado music is?

Cristiana: Fado is an universal language. Even when the listener does not speak Portuguese, he can perceive the general meaning, since fado is written for the humen heart. Fado means fate and it's all about feeling. It sings joy, sadness, overcoming or loneliness. And often sings about “saudade”,  wich is a Portuguese word with no translation for any other language. It expresses the urge and will to be or to have  something that we had lost or to withdraw from. If the listener is minimally connected to his own emotions, he will feel and understand fado as much as any Portuguese.


How important is the voice/vocal for Fado and how you came to work with the singer Cristiana Águas?

 Cristiana :The voice is a fundamental part of fado. Not so much because of the power or potential of the voice but for the feeling it translates. It is the way that the singer feels each word  that makes each song an unique moment for those who are listening.

What can the audience expect at the concert in Herceg Novi at Guitar Art Summer Fest?

Manuel: The proposal of our reunion is to create most part of the music on stage. Based on a very emotional and honest starting point we expect our music to reveal itself as the moment takes us on its own expression. 


"Alma Sadina" LIVE - Cristiana Águas debut album