Support for the culture is a contribution to the entire society

Erste Bank Montenegro is a proud sponsor and friend of XII Guitar Art Summer Fest

Dragana Crvenica, chief of Communications at Erste Banke Montenegro talks about a socially responsible business and significance of the culture for one society.

Erste Bank Montenegro, to our greatest satisfaction, a proud sponsor and friend of this year’s Guitar Art Summer Fest. How would you describe this collaboration?When you share a noble goal and realize it together with proven professionals who despite  years of persistence do not lose creativity and energy – the cooperation cannot be different  from what it is today. Our collaboration is really great and from the beginning has been accompanied with respect and understanding of the essence of it. Guitar Art Summer Fest is different in terms of concept and program from the other projects that were delivered to us via  contest that Erste Bank has organized in November for organizations and individuals with projects from the areas we support. It is said that artists usually don’t have the skills for organization and business, but the collaboration with Boško (Radojković) and Ljubica (Lazić) has denied that claim.

What are the criteria and values that Erste Bank conducts in its philanthropy and socially responsible business? We want to support the actions whose effects are longterm and which contribute to rebuilding  of the value system, development of society and culture. Each year we support projects from five areas – sports, culture and arts, education, social inclusion , environment preservation. We are expanding the circle of organizations and individuals with whom we cooperate and also we tend to make our support strategic not just ad-hoc. When we say a wider concept of socially responsible business, for Erste Bank that is a very important part of the business and mission, where every emplyee contributes through ethical actions and a responsible relations with colleagues, clients and cooworkers. Each company that wants to continue doing business has to take care of these matters. For us, sustainable business is socially responsible business. 

Erste Bank takes care of its community. How relevant is culture, according to you, for one community and society? The level of cultural development precisely depicts overall status of one society as a whole. Culture is a crucial part of the identity of one society, one community. It shows what are our collective values; how willing are we to accept diversity or stagger from it; in what level is oue society socially united or layered; how we understand the part and the strength of an individual and the system. The decay and rise of one society are always followed by the changes in culture and in the system of values and collective behavior patterns. We who are a bit older, born in XX century, had the “privilege” to see how this looks on the example of the today’s society that we are a part of.  

I strongly believe that the connection between the degree of social development of a society and culture is reversible and that by giving the support to the culture, we contribute and by those means, we are contributing to the development of entire society. 

The slogan of Erste Bank for the XII Guitar Art Summer Fest is: “Where words fails, music speaks.” Does music speak better than words? Words and music are the key means of communication and understanding between people. Unlike from words that we process with our reason, music directly targets our emotions and there are no obstacles for that process. Some tribes are still using music today to show their friendly attitude and eliminate any possibility for conflict with the members of other formations. Music is the universal language that we all understand and it has the power to connect us, bring us closer and integrate us.

Can music bring social change? Art music refines and inspires. This is where its power to affect society and changes lays, all that we wish for. This is why it is of most importance that Guitar Art Summer Fest brings musical art closer to everyone regardless the social status or the level of academic knowledge of music. It is important to eliminate the prejudice that artistic music is meant only for a narrow circle and elite: that it is not understandable and not comprehensible. Free  concerts, organized guitar workshops, exhibitions and networking in Guitar Art cafe will bring music closer to everyone. The mission of the festival irresistablly reminds me of a story of a bank group, the Erste story. Namely, the roots of Erste group goes all the way to 1819,  when the first savings bank has been opened for all citizens in Vienna, not just for the elite.  Our joint mission should be breaking the barriers between people and integration of the society. 

Which concert from the XII Guitar Art Summer Fest would you pick and recommend to your clients? Without any doubt, if they want to feel the shiver on their skin, I would recommend the first night and Fado Iberia where they will hear the amazing Cristianu Aguas. Her magical and strong voice will grab your soul already in the first beats. Of course, there is also the acoustic concert of Parni Valjak which I most certainly will not miss and I expect a great experience.


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