Alfonso Linares - The Balkan public is very similar to the Spanish

Alfonso Linares with his flamenco sextet will perform for the first time in Montenegro on the XII Guitar Art Summer Fest in Herceg Novi.

Alfonso Linares – flamenco guitarist talks about the forthcoming Argentarium concert on the XII Guitar Art Summer Fest. The audience in Montenegro will have the opportunity to hear, for the first time, flamenco symphonico which will be represented by the Spanish sextet made of the best symphonic musicians of Andalusia. Alfonso & Miguel Linares Flamenco sextet are - Alfonso Linares (guitar), Miguel Linares (viola), Salvador Anaya (vocals), Daniel Morales (percussion), Jorge Munoz (cello) and Fran Moreno (oboe).

What does concert Argentarium represents and how did it get its name? The concert ARGENTAURUM  shows the musical image of our land along the history, from a contemporary perspective with the root of flamenco music. the name of the concert comes of silver is Argenta and gold is Aurum. these metals was very important in the ancient andalusian civilizations Tartessos and Roman Empire respectively.

Your sextet is performing flamenco simfonico, what kind of symphonic flamenco is it? What is it that makes it special? The symphonic denimination is due to the fact that the music presents orchestral procedures with influences of the symphonic orchestra and cinematographic music. The music is special because of the originality and the composition of the sextet, never before seen in flamenco.

What is flamenco for you? Flamenco is the essence of Andalusia, it is the reflection of the cultures that lived in peace and harmony

How did you start to work together given that Alfonso is a flamenco guitarist    and Miguel plays the viola and composes? We started in the music together, we are twins and from very young we made music together. Then came the first projects for stage music and concerts.

Which musician had the greatest influence on you? Vicente Amigo, Manolo Sanlúcar,Stravinsky, Howard Shore, Ennio Morricone.

How did you chose the rest of the musician s for your sextet? They have been partners for many years and are young symphonic musicians of the best considered in Andalucia

How does the audience of Balkan reacts to flamenco? The Balkan public is very similar to the Spanish, is a very affectionate public that appreciates flamenco and guitar

What are your expectations for the concert in Herceg Novi? Is this your first visit to Montenegro? We are going with great desire and with much energy since it is a very important festival for us and the appointment that we hope with more desire of this season. Is our first time in Montenegro and we will release two tracks, one of them dedicated to guitar art.


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