Péter Girán - the winner of this year's Guitar Art Festival Cometition

What impressions do you have about Guitar Art Festival? I really liked the organization of the festival, very professional.

Did you expect winning in the most difficult category of Guitar Art Festival Competition? I never expect to win the first prize, I always go and compete by "anything is possible".

What are your impressions about other competitiors, young guitarists that competed with you? I haven't really heard anybody else playing, I don't like to listen to them on competitions.

Which advice would you give to your younger colleagues? "Always let the music move you, don't just play, and try to be technically perfect."

Are guitar festivals important for guitarists? Festivals are really important, as they provide us meeting points where we can listen to each other, discuss things, and learn from each other.Most festivals give all opportunities to guitarists they need I think.

When did you make decision to become guitarist? When I was 14 years old, in the year before high school.

Professors that had the biggest influence on you: All my previous from the beginning: Erika Sára, Tamás Straub, Dávid Pavlovits, András Csáki, Balázs Arnóth.

Have you already decided which concert program fits to your artistic sensibility? I think playing 20th century or contemporary music fits me the best. I also love flamenco, I really feel enjoyed when listening to or playing it.

Have you visited Belgrade for the first time? Did you enjoyed the city? Yes, this was my first visit in Belgrade. Unfortunately, I couldn't see much of the city, because I was concentrating on the competition.