Bosko Radojkovic about Integration

INTEGRATIONS connect and gather different elements into a unified whole.

Integration may be various, such as the integration of guitarists, ideas, achievements or ideals. When people integrate, they then mutually cooperate and strive for common goals. I believe that both build a better future - a unified, stable and a better future.

This edition of the festival is special because the festival, after eighteen years of existence has become an adult, and that means that it has matured and grown. It's time for a new stage in the life of our festival. The number 18 brings new opportunities but also new responsibilities and greater accountability. That is why this festival is dedicated to the INTEGRATION of guitarists on the rise, youth, modern technologies and projects that will establish new criteria and cultural models.

Festival has the desire and commitment to integrate different world-known guitarists, teachers, outstanding and talented pupils and students, which will mutually cooperate, exchange their experiences and create some great new ideas for the future. Likewise, the festival INTEGRATES different countries, institutions, companies and media that support culture and the arts. However, the festival INTEGRATES different people, friends and associates and perhaps those are the most important Integrations, when we can recognize the universal values together and when together we create and promote artists and musicians. Together we are constantly trying to restore culture, its audience and mapping the new cultural map of the world.

My experience has proven that all people, regardless of differences in origin, what language they speak, which religion, wealth, social status ... are truly integrated with music.

I am honored that I managed to integrate so many different people into one festival with the help of guitar.

Yours truly,

Boško Radojković