"I N T E G R A T I O N" - the new short video by Andrija Đokić

Andrija Đokić is a student of final year at SAE Institute for film directing in Belgrade. Until now, he has been working on many projects and short films. He has been participating at the Guitar Art Festival since 2006 and after the festival he has represented his short video about the festival named “GAF Connecting People”.

After the closing of XVIII Guitar Art Festival, held from 20th to 25th March I Belgrade, we are representing you the new short video by Andrija Đokić -  "I N T E G R A T I O N". Andrija has successfully achieved to present his own perspective of the festival through the short video form. He has managed to integrate the most different activities of the festival in his work and to describe the atmosphere of the Guitar Art Festival. Andrija’s work is best described by integrations because he merges fractions in a whole, links and unites. In the same way, the Guitar Art Festival has as its goal to integrate talented and hardworking young artists who will cooperate with each other and to help them build a successful artistic career.

Andrija Đokić is one of the talented young artists from our team. In the text below you can read how he became a part of Guitar Art Festival

Why did you choose Guitar Art Festival? I saw that some of the most skillful and most interesting modern guitarists are performing at the festival and since I have been playing guitar for the past 10 years I thought it would be nice to attend it and make a nice experience of it.

How did you feel about working at the festival? It was great to be a part of the team that was in charge for so many different workshops and concerts.

From your perspective as a young director, how do you see Guitar Art Festival? I think that GAF is one of our most interesting festivals here in Serbia. Not just because people can attend concerts of maestros but also because it gives us the possibility to meet new people, get new experiences and make new friends. The concerts are great but I think that the workshops and competitions are much more important part of the festival itself.

Do music and film complement each other? The music plays a great role in transmitting certain feelings to the audience: motion picture and sound can make a much greater effect to the viewers than they could do separately and to the extent that some of the most impressing scenes in history of motion picture are defined by music -  the most obvious example would be Strauss in Odyssey by S. Kubrick. Besides that, silent movies were being showed with music playing along and that says a lot about its significance for the film.

What is the most important in one documentary film? To try and make the audience see and live through a certain experience like this one but also to do it in an interesting and artistic way: documentary is more than some simple recording of a certain event. As an art form, it has a huge but rarely exploited potential which can make reality even more interesting.  

How would you describe your short film from this year? The idea was to transfer the experience to the viewers about being a part of the festival but also to present the musicians in a colorful and interesting way.

What message you want to deliver with this film?  I wanted to show that GAF is one of the most interesting festivals in Belgrade and to intrigue the viewers who think that it is not interesting to watch concerts of classic guitar. 

What is your plan, for the future? After I graduate, the plan is to go abroad and finish master studies: the main goal is to direct feature films.


Integration - Andrija Đokić