Festival proudly presents two new participants of Guitar Integrations - Julia Malischnig and Stephen Mattingly.

Thanks to the Embassy of the United States of America and the Cultural Forum of Austia in Belgrade, Julia Malischnig from Austria and Stephen Mattingly from the USA will be a part of XVIII edition of Guitar Art Festival.

These prominent professors will represent the countries they come from within a special project Guitar Integrations. Furthermore, the festival not only gathers guitarists on the rise but it also tends to gather prominent professors and students from all around the world.

Stephen Mattingly has been leading the guitar studies for years at the University in Lousiville in the USA while Julia Malischnig teaches in the National music school in Linz in Austria.  These two prominent professors will hold a masterclass workshops, be a part of the competitions jury and part of the panel discussion - Guitar Integration at this year’s Guitar Art Festival.  Through those activities, the professors will try to convey their own life experiences and work of classical guitarist from their area and try to integrate all of that and transfer it to their colleagues and students from Serbia and entire world.

Together, we are charting a new map of classic guitar in the world.


Preludio from Suite Compostelana by Federico Mompou

Kiss of Life - Julia Malischnig