Guitar Art Photo Shoot - Valentina Krempatić

Valentina Krempatić, a student of music school “Josip Slavenski” under the mentorship of professor Nenad Kondić, won her first prize on the XVI Guitar Art Festival in the IV category. One part of her prize was a Guitar Art Photo Shoot.

Since when have you been participating in the Guitar Art competition? What does this award mean to you? In 2011. I participated in the Guitar Art competition for the first time and won the first prize in I category. Last year’s prize in the IV category means a lot to me and it represents a validation for all effort that was invested and as an incentive for further improvement and hard work.  

Part of your prize was a Guitar Art Photo Shoot. How did it go? Guitar Art Photo Shoot is a whole new experience for me, very interesting and precious. The photographs are gorgeous and Nemanja Živković is a true professional and I am very lucky to have this opportunity to experience something like this.

Do you think that a young artist needs professional photo shooting and why? I think that professional photographs are necessary for an artist on the rise for a further presentation of his/her work and they are also an extremely valuable gift from the organizers.

How are you planning to use the photographs? I will be using these photographs for applications for competitions and I hope I will use them for posters for my future concerts.

Are you going to participate in this year’s festival? I applied for this year’s competition. Guitar Art Festival is something I always look forward to - new friends, old friends and acquaintances, wonderful concerts and just the atmosphere that the festival gives us. Also, I hope to get good results in the competition.

XVIII edition of Guitar Art Festival is dedicated to artists on the rise. Do you think that the voice of young guitar players should be heard and in what way can that be done? The festival is a great opportunity for the young people to show their talent and readiness to take on a challenge, because at this festival you can see and hear famous musicians and outstanding professors not just young people who compete. In my opinion, there should be more media attention pointed at older young guitarists (contestants of V and VI category). Besides the interviews, they should have the chance to participate at the next festival as an opening act or as a selected act (not only the laureate) under the auspices of Guitar Art Festival. In that way, not only the ones who won would be noticed and that would serve as a great motivation for their further work.