Music, Wine and Fashion Festival 2012

»Music, Wine and Fashion Festival« is a long planned beginning of an innovative international music, wine, and fashion festival which connects the town’s potential with musical acts, local wine makers, and fashion designers.

A series of big names in music, wine production, and fashion, as well as the festival concept itself (a synergy of concerts, exhibitions, workshops, movies, artist establishing activities, etc.), welcome an array of Slovenian and foreign institutions.

The added value of the project are its project expertise . Bosko Radojković program director and renowned expert in the field of classical music festival , established a correspondence between the musical art with other fields of art, which we managed to secure an important international position , which allows us a competitive advantage.


The main festival event is the Kings of String concert which features three guitar masters: Tommy Emmanuel, Stochelo Rosenberg, and Vlatko Stefanovski. Lessons for young musicians will be held with all guest musicians, including the Kings of String.


Slovenian wine makers will feature their wines, with an emphasis on Styrian wines, and will be joined by wine makers from countries where the guest performers originate.

Masters of the Idrija lace will be a fashion treat and will show this Slovenian craft during workshops, exhibitions, and a fashion show.