"Celebrations of spring" Sava Center, Friday, 22nd April 2016

"Celebrations of spring" is an event, which has as its object has the presentation of the holiday of spring in the world, through the presentation of different cultures, customs and traditions. Spring celebrations are deeply rooted in all civilizations and cultures of the world. To this day different people and cultures have different ways of celebrating and cherish their own traditions. This project seeks to present and gather all of world's spring holidays, in order to encourage a new way of interest and development in children for Cultural studies where they could study the culture, tradition and the applied arts.

"Celebrations of spring" introduces children with national traditions, history and all the holidays that are related to the season (Catholic and Orthodox Easter - Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Nian - Chinese holiday of spring, Passover - Jewish holiday of spring, Holi - Hindu spring festival, Hanami - Japanese holiday dedicated to the cult of spring, Nouruz - Azerbaijani and Iran holiday of spring, India, Indonesia ....)