Guitar Visual Art

15 - 20. avgust 2018. Galerija SueRyder, Trg Belavista (Stari grad). THE TIME OF THE TREES Izabela Matoš

 “The Time of the Trees” is a exhibition that was created in response to musical improvisations performance. It is born as dialogue between  visual artist Izabela Matošand Italian guitarist Pietro Baldoni. During their performance, an authentic instalation is made through an authentic embroidery process followed by the music of the Italian guitar player. 

Izabela Matoš, led by poetry Miroslav Antic, entered a new game, in imitation of trees in artistic performance. Through the repetition of her moves, the very own creation process turns into a type of meditation. The abstract and clearly defined surfaces are created by pulling the threads. The threads that the artist uses in her performance the parts of the rejected closet of family and close friends, which deliberately leads to the sense of community. The artist says that the textile is like our other skin, from which we have become inseparable. During the artistic process, its goblen (paintings made with embroidery) passes into volume - on one side into visible tree, and on the other, gestures and lines show the inner body of wood and forest. The technique of embroidery used in performance also represents a feminine ritual in which emotions, history, and expectations are woven.


- The music is inevitable. On this occasion, it was created by a carefully selected composer Pietro Baldoni. In the studio, gallery or during the performance, the tree is revived with music. Like young sprout, the melody reminds of birth, development and growth. The rhythm of the music and the rhythm of textile threads, as they pass through the lace, are inseparable and create a chain reaction of emotions, melancholy, and the overlapping of souls.


Izabela Matos is an artist from Herceg Novi with a very prominent and poetic personal vision. She graduated from the College of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade. She has exhibited at many group and solo exhibitions and coordinated various art workshops for children and adults on various continents. She lives and works in French Saint Nazaire.