Guitar Visual Art

GUITAR ART SUMMER FEST DECADES IN HERCEG NOVI (10 – 15th March 2015, Belgrade Youth Center, Belgrade) MONDAY, 09 MARCH 19h - Opening of the exhibition

GUITAR ART SUMMER FEST - DECADES in Herceg Novi, represents a place and a concept that the guitar has taken on the steps of history. For ten years, the guitar sounds have been echoing through stone, rising and falling for the 100 001st times. The now renowned guitar sound is echoing through the streets of the old town and forcing our narrow, steep streets to it. It is no longer a secret. It is a tradition that begins at dusk, when the lanterns are slowly lighting up in the Marka Cara’s street. Then the familiar footsteps start to echo through the old town, and at the same time the sound of brass starts to spread. This creates a symphony prior to the concert evening, which enchants random passers-by and intentional experienced travelers.

Thus, residents of Herceg Novi are create their own distinctive music with their steps, making each step a tone, intonation and a signal for the start of the concert. By tacit agreement and birth right, each one has its place. They have been building it over the last ten years. This place was not given to them, because the festival is not someone’s, but theirs. Any respected individual, who is a part of the audience of this romantic coastal and above all a guitar festival, has been a part of the creation of this place for the last ten years. They come together and stand proudly as hosts of the evening, letting the waves of guitar sounds to haunt the city walls once again. That is not surprising. Herceg Novi has always been and will remain the center and an inspiration to artists. After decades of the festival, guitarists from all around the world know about the city of art in Boka Bay. Many stories have been told about the audience that closely monitors every tone, gratefully applauds for every musical masterpiece and proudly welcomes artists to whom it provides immeasurable inspiration. In that way, the Guitar Art Summer Fest has become a secret link between the guitarists and people of Herceg Novi.

The exhibition represents a decade of creativity Guitar Art Summer Fest, which from year to year has been followed by the photographer EL GVOJOS. Music is a passion for the photographer and this passion can be seen in his photographs. You will see the sound transformed into image. El Gvojos is one of the first and the largest creator of concert photography in former Yugoslavia.It is his mission to unravel the meaning of music and he stated that music can hurt from the beauty and sublimity of the feeling which it causes.

Photographs have been created by El Gvojosa in the period from 2006 to 2014, in which he remained true to his distinctive style. Today, they represent a cultural heritage of the Guitar Art Summer Fest, but also a part of the history of Herceg Novi



The concept of the festival, which has been built for sixteen years, today represents a platform for various creative industries. Besides the traditional presentation of visual arts, the festival brings together young creative who will create their own copyright / multimedia works. Since its inception, the festival connects different activities and not only that it also manages and creates modern ideas of cultural and artistic events.

Guitar Visual Art for the second time announces a contest for presenting the original works made by students of photography, journalism and directing. The contest’s aim is to bring together young people and allow them to gain experience, training and the ability to create and present their original works. Students create their original works on the theme of this year's slogan Guitar Art Festival "GUITAR FOR ALL" - CREATE YOUR GUITAR. Their original works should present their vision and perception of the festival, its place and character, as well as the concept of the Art for All / Guitar for all. The best works of this project will be presented in a group exhibition Guitar Visual Art 2016.