(14 – 15th March 2015, Belgrade Youth Center, Belgrade)


The aim of the Guitar Art Expo is a gathering of the most important institutions and personalities of the alternative guitar scene. Through cooperation with Zaječar and Demo Masters competition, Guitar Art Expo presents the best bands in the competition and evening concerts, organizes rock clinics and rock photos.

GITARIJADA is the longest-lived international festival of un-established rock bands in the world, which will be organized in 2015 by the forty-ninth time in continuity. Bringing together tens of thousands of visitors and participants from here and abroad, this festival is one of the most important musical events in the region.

The purpose of the event is the encouragement and affirmation of music creativity in young people - appropriated for Rock 'n' Roll, which as a planetary phenomenon, has become a universal means of communication and an integral part of modern urban culture.

The history of this festival dates back to the end of the 1960s, when, on the basis of world production, first rock bands appeared in our country, gaining great popularity among young people. At that time, in the tradition of Gitarijada, which was held in Belgrade in 1966, in smaller cities across the country, similar events had been set up. At the initiative of local bands, there was a festival in Zajecar, which had initially been organized twice a year. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, GITARIJADA has grown from the local into the most important festival of demo bands in the former Yugoslavia. During forty seven years of continuance, GITARIJADA had affirmed many local bands, which are at the very beginning of their career as winners, or participants of the festival, recorded their first editions and get appropriate media support.

Lately, GITARIJADA from year to year breaks new ground in terms of reported demo bands as well as in terms of number of visitors. Programs last year, of thr 48th Festival, had been accompanied by a hundred accredited journalists from all the major media broadcasters in the region and close to 200,000 visitors during the 4 days of the festival, a promotional tour in Serbia and Bulgaria and the accompanying events.

Expectations are that 49th Gitarijada will also surpass all previous records, thanks to attractive music program on 5 stages and a number of supporting contents:

  • Rock Stage
  • Bike Stage
  • World Music Stage
  • Felix Romuliana Stage
  • Guitar Art Stage
  • Rock academy
  • 19. Motorcycle gathering
  • Rock camp
  • 10th International saloon of rock photography
  • Gitarijada expo
  • Gitarijada free zone
  • Gitarijada tour

14th March 2015

Belgrade Youth Center, Belgrade

10:00 - Music stock / Comic stock

11:00 - Discussion: Rock ‘N’ Roll i comic culture

12:00 - Press conference

13:00 - Opening of the exhibit of the best photographs at the Internationalsaloon of rock

14:00 - Panel discussion: "Festivals now and then"

22:00 - Guitar Art Midnight Club:

                        Meda, Vuk i Sandokan

                        D ZOO

                        Winner of the Croatian music – CMF 2014.